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Full electrification of Indian Railways [...]

"Railway is targeting full electrification across all the routes with a 35,000 crore plan."  This news came out last year in October. Railway wanted to finish the electrification process by 2021. The idea is to bring down the energy bill.  According to Railway data, 15.6 billion units of electricity is consumed by Railways every year that amounts to Rs. 9500 crore as power b[...]

Upcoming New Colour Scheme of Indian Rai[...]

Its been a longtime since Indian Railways underwent any sort of major makeover. Now with the help of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, vibrant colours are being added to coaches. The new colour scheme will intially be limited to certain trains and will used on trial basis. In these latest pictures, it can be seen that new colour scheme has been used on ICF coaches by Northern Railways[...]

Railway do not want you to use these una[...]

Fed-up of unhygienic and questionable on-board catering services of Indian trains; most of the times passengers are compelled to use other online food services options. Online food catering services like Travelkhana, Railyatri etc. Not only offer convenience to passengers on-board, but they also provide a sense of relief to passengers who find hard to believe in hygiene of food supp[...]

जाने कैसे रेलव[...]

मौजूदा समय में रेलवे प्रति वर्ष नयी ट्रेनें लगातार चला रहा रहा परन्तु इसके बावजूद दो-तिहाई यात्री कन्फर्म टिकट से [...]

Bus vs Train: Trains are losing; Indian [...]

Slowly India has moved towards better road infrastructure across the country. From east to west and north to south, today we have four to six lanes express ways that not only have allowed regulation and distribution of traffic but have also increased the pace of traffic. This has helped country in so many ways except Railways. With age old infrastructure&nbs[...]

These are the Cleanest and Dirtiest stat[...]

If you have to name one institution that took "Swachh Bharat Mission" with utmost sincerity then without any doubt it is the "Indian Railways."  However, despite showing sincerity towards cleanliness there are railway stations across India which are dirty, filthy and an unhygienic place to be in. Railway ranks its stations for cleanliness in different categories [...]

Do you know we still travel with speed o[...]

Great Southern India Railway company built one of the most important routes in Salem – Erode section in 1861. Currently it is part of Jolarpettai – Coimbatore mainline. In 1931 when 45 Blue Mountain Express used to run from Madras (Chennai) to Ooty; it took exactly 1 hour and 3 minutes to complete the total journey of 62 kilometers. Today, Nilgiri Express still[...]

One such step by Indian Railways that ne[...]

We are aware of the environmental disaster that plastic waste creates around us and despite that there are no concrete measures to regulate the hazardous plastic waste. Due to this negligence plastic waste is causing severe damage to our nature. The only way to overcome plastic disaster is recycling and reuse of plastics. Recycling of plastics ensures that environment beco[...]

Privatisation of Indian Railways – To [...]

In spite of having been the subject of debate over the last two decades, privatization of Indian Railways continues to hound the think-tank with no sign of receding into the background.  While it is true that Indian Railways deserves the credit for serving the largest democracy in the world, it has also been at the receiving end of some scathing criticism, particularly in case of[...]

5 Major Accidents in the History of Indi[...]

No matter how well you prepare yourself to meet unprecedented emergencies, news of an accident is always overwhelming and dreaded. Train accidents are no exceptions when it comes to the shock and trauma that follows. What renders them truly disturbing is the fact that often the accident is a result of gross negligence and could have been avoided by practicing basic vigilance.  That being s[...]

Railway rescues a girl, Railway Minister[...]

A class 9 student of a convent school in New Delhi, Anais Josemon ran away from her home after she failed in mathematics test. But never she would have thought that her conduct will virtually become a face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's book Exam Warriors.  According to her mother, Josemon left home on March 8 as she was unable to secure passing marks in mathematic. She boarded Tami[...]

Must know facts about the first Indian 1[...]

WAG - 12 Electric traction locomotive is the most powerful electric loco made in India. Here are the full details you must know about it -   Ministry of Railway signed a contract with Alstom in November 2015 to develop and supply electric locomotives.  This project is the first Foreign Direct Investment in Indian rail sector.  Under this joint venture, Indian Railways[...]

Ticket transfer just made easier by Indi[...]

Indian Railway allow passengers to book ticket 4 months in advance. Often it happens with a confirmed ticket when need of transfer occurs within family or closed ones. However, do you know that Indian Railways do allow to transfer tickets within family or to colleagues or to students. But earlier transfer rules were stringent which now has been tweaked by In[...]

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Indian Railway still a hunting ground fo[...]

Many times it has been repeated in the past that Railway is a mere tool for politicians that is primarily used to attract voters in favour of a particular political party. It is due to this fact Indian Railways has fallen way behind in terms of modernization compared to advanced rail systems in many developed countries. Now after the merger of Rail[...]

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Some most interesting facts about Indian[...]

Most interesting facts about Indian Railway Locomotives -  Classification of an Indian Locomotive -  Classifications of locomotives in India are done according to gauge.  To classify an Indian locomotive, 4 or 5 letters are used.  First letter denotes the type of gauge.  Second letter signifies the nature of locomotive i.e. Diesel or Electric&[...]

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Is this the first step towards total pri[...]

An ambitious scheme is taking its shape silently behind the closed doors of Indian Railway ministry. Under this scheme Rail Ministry is framing ways to give birth to private players to run their own trains parallel to Indian Railways. To run private trains rail ministry will also allow private players to set up their own lines across the country.  A [...]

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भारतीय रेल 2018 - [...]

क्या भारतीय रेल के बिज़नेस करने के तरीके में कोई कमी है जिसे ठीक करने की जरूरत है ? आखिर क्यों यात्रियों को सही&nb[...]

Must know interesting facts of Indian Ra[...]

Toilet in lower class were introduced after a letter  In 1909 Okhil Babu, a passenger wrote a letter to rail authorities describing the problems he faced due to absence of lavatories in lower class, which eventually forced him to get off the train at a station thereby missing the train. It is only after this letter, toilets were introduced in&nb[...]

Can these two trains change the face of [...]

Speed and Indian Railways does not go hand in hand whenever you think of these two together. At a time when currently pseudo superfast trains of Indian Railways barely reach their destinations on time leaving passengers agitated; thought of trains hitting even 150 kmph speed is a dream for train lovers of India. However, despite all the skeptisim Indian Railways is working on a project silent[...]

Luxury tourist trains of Indian Railways[...]

Latest railway reports suggests that revenue of luxury tourist trains operating across the popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan reduced drastically in last three years. Trains like Rajasthan on wheels and Palace on Wheels specifically aimed to attract foreign tourists thereby enhancing tourism across the state are lurching to generate revenues to even match running costs. Palace on wheels saw[...]