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Must know facts about the first Indian 12,000 horsepower electric traction locomotive

WAG - 12 Electric traction locomotive is the most powerful electric loco made in India. Here are the full details you must know about it -   Ministry of Railway signed a contract with Alstom in November 2015 to develop and supply electric locomotives.  This project is the first Foreign Direct Investment in Indian rail sector.  Under this joint venture, Indian Railways shares 26%.  The contract allows import of first 5 locomotives while rest 795 are to be manufactured in India with local support.   Scheduled delivery period is from 2018 to 2028.  The ₹300-crore project also includes 2- maintenance depots at Nagpur, Maharashtr[...]

Ticket transfer just made easier by Indian Railways

Indian Railway allow passengers to book ticket 4 months in advance. Often it happens with a confirmed ticket when need of transfer occurs within family or closed ones. However, do you know that Indian Railways do allow to transfer tickets within family or to colleagues or to students. But earlier transfer rules were stringent which now has been tweaked by Indian Railways. This means if for any reason you are unable to travel on your confirmed ticket you can easily transfer ticket to another person in need with some restrictions.  Here are the rules and restrictions you must know before you can transfer our tickets -  Any transfe[...]

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Indian Railway still a hunting ground for political parties; even if it is in a positive or negative manner

Many times it has been repeated in the past that Railway is a mere tool for politicians that is primarily used to attract voters in favour of a particular political party. It is due to this fact Indian Railways has fallen way behind in terms of modernization compared to advanced rail systems in many developed countries. Now after the merger of Rail Budget in General Budget it was stated in bold lines that - gone are the times when Railway can be used as a political tool before or after elections to serve the cause of politicians. However, it did happen in a way that no more flashy announcements are made to attrac[...]

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Some most interesting facts about Indian Railway locomotives you might not be aware of

Most interesting facts about Indian Railway Locomotives -  Classification of an Indian Locomotive -  Classifications of locomotives in India are done according to gauge.  To classify an Indian locomotive, 4 or 5 letters are used.  First letter denotes the type of gauge.  Second letter signifies the nature of locomotive i.e. Diesel or Electric  Third letter signifies that whether the locomotive is suited for shunting or mixed, passenger or freight  Fourth letter is used to signify locomotives' chronological model number or horsepower range depending on locomotive's nature.  If fifth le[...]

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Is this the first step towards total privatization of Indian Railways?

An ambitious scheme is taking its shape silently behind the closed doors of Indian Railway ministry. Under this scheme Rail Ministry is framing ways to give birth to private players to run their own trains parallel to Indian Railways. To run private trains rail ministry will also allow private players to set up their own lines across the country.  A top rail official quotes - "Railway will charge private operators on trains run by them, however they will be allowed to build their own infrastructure. Also, a private player can build their own rail line but it can allow third party to run trains on it."[...]

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भारतीय रेल 2018 - आखिर कहाँ हो रही लगातार चूक 

क्या भारतीय रेल के बिज़नेस करने के तरीके में कोई कमी है जिसे ठीक करने की जरूरत है ? आखिर क्यों यात्रियों को सही और अच्छी सुविधाएं लाख प्रयासों के बाद भी नहीं मिल पा रही हैं ? या फिर अब किये जा [...]

Must know interesting facts of Indian Railways

Toilet in lower class were introduced after a letter  In 1909 Okhil Babu, a passenger wrote a letter to rail authorities describing the problems he faced due to absence of lavatories in lower class, which eventually forced him to get off the train at a station thereby missing the train. It is only after this letter, toilets were introduced in lower class of trains.  Longest rail tunnel   Pir Panjal tunnel in Jammu Kashmir is the longest rail tunnel in India. The length of this tunnel is 11.215 KMS. This tunnel was completed in year 2012.  Oldest working loco of Indian Railways [...]

Can these two trains change the face of Indian Railways? 

Speed and Indian Railways does not go hand in hand whenever you think of these two together. At a time when currently pseudo superfast trains of Indian Railways barely reach their destinations on time leaving passengers agitated; thought of trains hitting even 150 kmph speed is a dream for train lovers of India. However, despite all the skeptisim Indian Railways is working on a project silently under code name "Train 18" and "Train 20." With an aim to replace premier trains like - Shatabadi and Rajdhani, Train - 18 and Train - 20 is expected to be launched in August 2018 and 2020 respectively. According to a news report, Train - 20 will replace Rajdhani trains and[...]

Luxury tourist trains of Indian Railways not attracting enough tourists

Latest railway reports suggests that revenue of luxury tourist trains operating across the popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan reduced drastically in last three years. Trains like Rajasthan on wheels and Palace on Wheels specifically aimed to attract foreign tourists thereby enhancing tourism across the state are lurching to generate revenues to even match running costs. Palace on wheels saw a dip of 24.08 percent in revenue generation while revenue of Royal Rajasthan on Wheels took a dip of 63.18 percent. According to Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation which operates both these trains, is finding difficult operate these trains due to financial loss.  Railway officer[...]

भारतीय रेल की इन ट्रेनों में सफर नहीं किया हो तो जरूर करें

भारत वर्ष को जानने के लिए आपको भारतीय रेल से इस विशालकाय उपमहाद्वीप की यात्रा करनी ही पड़ेगी क्योंकि रेलवे ही इसकी आंतरिक सुंदरता का चित्र सबसे विशिष्ट ढंग से कराती है | अगर आप ये कहें कि बिना रेल यात्रा के ही आप बता सकते हैं कि ये देश अंदर से कैसा दिखता है तो वो गलत होगा | [...]

Indian Railway wants You to link your Aadhaar to Your IRCTC account on a voluntary basis - Will You?

Finally, something came out on which Aadhaar card is not mulled by Indian Government. After long withstanding on side of compulsory Aadhaar for a train ticket booking, finally Ministry of Railways has made Aadhaar optional for booking train tickets. However, it still wants to encourage passengers to enter Aadhaar number while booking a ticket on voluntary basis.  Rajen Gohain, Minister of state for Railways clarified in Lok Sabha that no such proposal has been made for making Aadhaar compulsory to book a train ticket however requirement of Aadhaar verification has been introduced on vo[...]

Soon you will have an option to choose a saloon coach for your journey – But for a price

How much more can railway charge for a journey? Well, you might be aware of luxury trains like Palace on wheels or the Maharaja Express for which railway charge a price that may seem out of proportion for majority of railway travelers in India but in return railway also provides an unmatched experience of hospitality. As these trains are meant only for tourism purpose on a precisely planned route therefore for passengers who can afford such luxury are left behind on regular routes.  For the first time now, in a meeting between Chairman Railway Board Ashwani Lohani and travel and trade associations the idea of using Saloon wagons on regular routes ca[...]

Throwing garbage on Railway tracks : Concrete walls to solve the problem?

No matter what railway is trying to curb throwing of garbage on railway tracks, but every measure is failing miserably as people are continuously polluting railway tracks with plastic bags. This problem is even more severe in metro cities due to extensive grooming of slum areas along the railway tracks.  Earlier railway has made brick walls to tackle with this problem but it seems that bricks are getting less day by day and walls are getting shorter. Railway officials earlier came up with many ideas such as wire mesh but all these measures were shot down as they could be tempered easily.  Now a final solution is sought in the form of concrete walls. Railway official says that[...]

Indian railways train ticket cancellation and refund rules

Daily more than two crore passengers choose Indian Railways to fulfil their commute needs and to make their commute easier. Indian Railways allow train ticket reservations in 120 days advance which means you can plan you trip 4 months before you can get on board. This gives flexibility to passengers to a extent in which anyone can initially plan their commute and if required in later stages can cancel the same. However their are certain restrictions when it comes to cancellation of train ticket. For example if you want to cancel e-ticket booked through IRCTC app or website, you cannot go to the PRS counters and ask the person sitting their to cancel e-ticket. To cancel you e-ticket you have [...]

Indian Railways tastes bitter than ever

Catering on Indian Railways has grown up into a problem that seems like can never be resolved. Unhygienic and contaminated food had always made headlines for Indian Railways. From the common man to VVIP, every one has raised this problem but its seems quantity has superseded over quality. The latest data also suggests the same, as trend of increasing number of complaints year on year basis raise a serious question mark of how railway operates or if considered on a larger basis how we as Indians care about fellow citizen’s health. In 2014-15 railway received 7055 complaints for bad or unhygienic catering services that rose to 8708 in 2015-16 and further to 10,437 the next year. In[...]

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Airlines will supersede Indian Railways in 3 years; 6 reasons why

A recent report by Ministry of Railways states a bitter truth for Railways which is currently the preferred choice of mode of transportation among Indians. The report states that in the coming three years air travel will become the number one choice for travellers and domestic airlines will soon supersede railways. However you must be thinking that railway ferry passengers in such huge numbers, how can this be possible? How can air travel supersede Indian railways? The problem with Indian Railways is that despite dealing in huge number of passengers, the actual profitable segment for railway is passengers travelling in air-conditioned class which is just a small fraction of the total numb[...]

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Indian Railways failed to keep pilgrimage stations free from Human Discharge; Bio-toilets - a disgrace for passengers

Although Indian Railway claims to plan its tracks free from human discharge but where it matters most it has failed miserably. Railway tracks of pilgrimage centres like Rameswaram of Tamil Nadu, Sri Mata Vaishno Devi and Porabandar in Gujarat can be seen full of human wastes. This problem has been highlighted in CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) report. In 2014 - 15 Railway rolled out a plan - “Green train Station and Green Corridor” in which all such trains that originate or pass or terminate at stations where large number of pilgrims or tourists visit will be fitted with bio-toilets on a priority basis. This will help railway to keep stations with high footfall keep clea[...]

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Humsafar Express train coaches revamped; get initially promised features

To enhance passenger comfort in its all AC3 tier coach Humsafar Express train, Indian Railways has upgraded the Humsafar Express coaches for the first time with state of art features. During launch Indian Railways emphasised that this is the first fully AC3 tier train service which will provide luxury to passengers at affordable prices. Although described with many modern features; but in its initial launch many such features were missing putting a question mark on Indian Railways definition of luxury.  Now aiming to improve the train travel experience Indian Railways has revamped it's AC3 tier train with notable features like baby nappy changing pads, tea and coffee machines, ea[...]

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Complete revamp of Indian Railways Flexi fare system onboard; New Dynamic Avatar soon

The ongoing Flexi fare system of Indian Railways is likely to come out in an all new form. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has given enough indications on Saturday that in the new Flexi fare system Indian Railways will offer discounts similar to hotels and Airlines if seats remains unbooked. To assess the ongoing Flexi fare system in Railway has formed a 6 member committee that will study and review the flexi fare scheme and its impact on the revenue generated for Indian Railways. A time of 30 days has been given to the committee after which it will submit a report to the railway ministry. Indian Railways is considering the dynamic model similar to airlines and hotels in the new Flexi fa[...]

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भारतीय रेल का बड़ा इतिहास अति संक्षिप्त में

अंग्रेजों के शासनकाल में शुरू हुई भारतीय रेल का इतिहास 168 साल पुराना है | पहली ट्रेन भारत में 16 अप्रैल 1853 में चली थी जो मुंबई यानी बम्बई के बोरीबंदर स्टेशन से ठाणे स्टेशन पर पहुंची थी | बोरीबंदर स्टेशन अब छत्रपति शिवाजी टर्मिनल के नाम से जाना जाता है | इस पहली भारतीय ट्रेन [...]

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