Some most interesting facts about Indian Railway locomotives you might not be aware of

most interesting facts about Indian Railway locomotives

Most interesting facts about Indian Railway Locomotives - 

Classification of an Indian Locomotive - 

  • Classifications of locomotives in India are done according to gauge. 
  • To classify an Indian locomotive, 4 or 5 letters are used. 
  • First letter denotes the type of gauge. 
  • Second letter signifies the nature of locomotive i.e. Diesel or Electric 
  • Third letter signifies that whether the locomotive is suited for shunting or mixed, passenger or freight 
  • Fourth letter is used to signify locomotives' chronological model number or horsepower range depending on locomotive's nature. 
  • If fifth letter is used, it normally denotes a technical variant or subclass. 

Historical facts - 

  • Its only in 1890 when Indian Railway companies looked towards United States and Germany to fulfil the need of locomotives. Before 1890, only British manufacturers used to supply locos to Indian Railways. 
  • Large and powerful locomotives came to India in 1927. 
  • WDM 1 was the first mainline diesel electric locomotive used in India in 1957. This loco had a top speed of 110kmph with 1950 horsepower. WDM 1 is not in service now. 
  • WDM 2 was the first homemade mainline diesel - electric locomotive of India. 2700 of these engines were made after being introduced in 1962. 
  • WDM 2G is the first Multi-Gen-set locomotive of Indian Railway manufactured by DLMW, Patiala in 2013. However only 2 such locos were introduced till now. 
  • The most heavily used Diesel Electric loco in Indian Railway till date is WDM 3A. This loco has a top speed of 120 kmph. 
  • WCP 1 / WCP 2 was the first electric locomotive used in India in 1954 - 55. This loco was rated to produce 3350 horsepower. 
  • There are 11,397 locomotives in India out of which 5528 are electric and 5869 are of diesel type. 
  • Waltair WAT in Vishakhapatnam with a capacity of 252 loco shed and Bhilai with a capacity of 250 loco sheds are the two biggest electric loco sheds of India. 
  • Biggest diesel locomotive shed in India is situated Vishakhapatnam with a capacity of 217 loco sheds. 
  • WAG - 9 is the most powerful freight locomotive of Indian Railways with a power output of 6120 horsepower and a top speed of 120 kmph. 

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