Must know facts about the first Indian 12,000 horsepower electric traction locomotive

Facts about 12000 horsepower Electric traction locomotive

WAG - 12 Electric traction locomotive is the most powerful electric loco made in India. Here are the full details you must know about it -  

  • Ministry of Railway signed a contract with Alstom in November 2015 to develop and supply electric locomotives. 
  • This project is the first Foreign Direct Investment in Indian rail sector. 
  • Under this joint venture, Indian Railways shares 26%. 
  • The contract allows import of first 5 locomotives while rest 795 are to be manufactured in India with local support.  
  • Scheduled delivery period is from 2018 to 2028. 
  • The ₹300-crore project also includes 2- maintenance depots at Nagpur, Maharashtra and Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh and a manufacturing plant at Madhepura. 
  • WAG - 12 locomotives will form a part of Alstom Prima family. 
  • Alstom Prima family locomotives are supplied in Kazakhastan. 
  • WAG – 12 is capable of producing 12,000 horsepower. 
  • WAG - 12 can haul 6000 tonnes with a maximum speed of 120kmph. 
  • WAG - 12 will be used on Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor and will run at 100 kmph. 
  • These locomotives will increase efficiency of freight trains drastically and will bump up average speed from 25-30 kmph to 50 - 60 kmph. 
  • WAG - 12 will be equipped with Knorr-Bremse braking systems and ABB transformers. 
  • The first bodyshell of WAG-12 was unloaded at Haldia on September 20 comprising of two sections. 
  • Development cost of one Locomotive is around Rupees 30 crore. 
  • The target is to make 35 locomotives operational by 2020, 60 by 2021 and 100 every next year till 800 engine contract is accomplished. 
  • To minimize maintenance cost and energy consumption; WAG – 12 will be equipped with 8 – axle design 
  • WAG – 12 can easily withstand adverse weather conditions with an operating temperature range from –50 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. 
  • WAG –12 will be equipped with automatic climate control air conditioner. 
  • WAG – 12 loco also comes with a toilet and food preparation system 
  • WAG – 12 consists of two identical sections each of which rests on 2 axled bogies. 

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