Surat Vr (69140) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
69140 - Surat Vr () ()
1Valsad (BL)Source08:05 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Atul (ATUL)08:11 PM08:12 PM0 Mins7 KMs1
3Pardi (PAD)08:17 PM08:18 PM0 Mins10 KMs1
4Udvada (UVD)08:23 PM08:24 PM0 Mins16 KMs1
5Vapi (VAPI)08:32 PM08:34 PM0 Mins24 KMs1
6Karambeli (KEB)08:42 PM08:43 PM0 Mins32 KMs1
7Bhilad (BLD)08:50 PM08:51 PM0 Mins37 KMs1
8Sanjan (SJN)09:02 PM09:03 PM0 Mins49 KMs1
9Umargam Road (UBR)09:08 PM09:10 PM0 Mins54 KMs1
10Gholwad (GVD)09:23 PM09:24 PM0 Mins63 KMs1
11Dahanu Road (DRD)09:38 PM09:39 PM0 Mins74 KMs1
12Vangaon (VGN)09:51 PM09:52 PM0 Mins87 KMs1
13Boisar (BOR)09:59 PM10:00 PM0 Mins95 KMs1
14Palghar (PLG)10:12 PM10:13 PM0 Mins107 KMs1
15Kelve Road (KLV)10:22 PM10:23 PM0 Mins116 KMs1
16Saphale (SAH)10:28 PM10:30 PM0 Mins121 KMs1
17Vaitarna (VTN)10:39 PM10:40 PM0 Mins130 KMs1
18Virar (VR)11:00 PMDestination0 Mins138 KMs1
19Bhilad (BLD)08:56 PM08:58 PM0 Mins105 KMs1
20Sanjan (SJN)09:08 PM09:10 PM0 Mins117 KMs1
21Umargam Road (UBR)09:17 PM09:18 PM0 Mins122 KMs1
22Gholwad (GVD)09:31 PM09:32 PM0 Mins131 KMs1
23Dahanu Road (DRD)09:45 PM09:47 PM0 Mins143 KMs1
24Vangaon (VGN)09:58 PM10:00 PM0 Mins155 KMs1
25Boisar (BOR)10:07 PM10:09 PM0 Mins163 KMs1
26Palghar (PLG)10:21 PM10:23 PM0 Mins175 KMs1
27Kelve Road (KLV)10:32 PM10:33 PM0 Mins184 KMs1
28Saphale (SAH)10:38 PM10:40 PM0 Mins190 KMs1
29Vaitarna (VTN)10:49 PM10:50 PM0 Mins198 KMs1
30Virar (VR)11:10 PMDestination0 Mins206 KMs1

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