Rnc Passenger (63597) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Ranchi
63597 - Rnc PassengerRanchi (RNC)Asansol Jn. (ASN)
1Ranchi (RNC)12:00 AM12:30 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Namkom (NKM)12:38 PM12:39 PM0 Mins4 KMs1
3Tatisilwai (TIS)12:47 PM12:48 PM0 Mins10 KMs1
4Gangaghat (GAG)12:56 PM12:57 PM0 Mins20 KMs1
5Johna (JON)01:08 PM01:09 PM0 Mins30 KMs1
6Kita (KITA)01:28 PM01:29 PM0 Mins47 KMs1
7Silli (SLF)01:38 PM01:39 PM0 Mins55 KMs1
8Muri (MURI)01:58 PM02:00 PM0 Mins62 KMs1
9Tulin (THO)02:13 PM02:14 PM0 Mins66 KMs1
10Jhalida (JAA)02:28 PM02:29 PM0 Mins74 KMs1
11Bkdr (BKDR)02:38 PM02:39 PM0 Mins79 KMs1
12Kotshila (KSX)02:57 PM02:58 PM0 Mins85 KMs1
13Garjaipur (GUG)03:10 PM03:11 PM0 Mins93 KMs1
14Chas Road Ph (CAS)03:17 PM03:18 PM0 Mins100 KMs1
15Gourinathdham (GTD)03:23 PM03:24 PM0 Mins107 KMs1
16Purulia Jn. (PRR)03:45 PM03:55 PM0 Mins122 KMs1
17Chharra (CHRA)04:01 PM04:02 PM0 Mins129 KMs1
18Kustaur (KSU)04:06 PM04:07 PM0 Mins133 KMs1
19Bagalia (BGA)04:13 PM04:14 PM0 Mins142 KMs1
20Anara (ANR)04:24 PM04:25 PM0 Mins147 KMs1
21Garh-dhrubbeswar (GRB)04:33 PM04:34 PM0 Mins154 KMs1
22Joychandi Pahar (JOC)04:44 PM04:45 PM0 Mins161 KMs1
23Bero (BERO)04:50 PM04:51 PM0 Mins167 KMs1
24Ramkanali Jn. (RKI)04:58 PM04:59 PM0 Mins172 KMs1
25Muradi (MDF)05:04 PM05:05 PM0 Mins177 KMs1
26Madhukunda (MDKD)05:11 PM05:12 PM0 Mins184 KMs1
27Damodar Jn. (DMA)05:18 PM05:19 PM0 Mins189 KMs1
28Burnpur (BURN)05:26 PM05:27 PM0 Mins193 KMs1
29Asansol Jn. (ASN)05:40 PMDestination0 Mins198 KMs1

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