Hzd Passenger (63549) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Hazaribagh Road
63549 - Hzd PassengerHazaribagh Road (HZD)Gaya Jn. (GAYA)
1Hazaribagh Road (HZD)12:00 AM05:27 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Keshwari (KSHR)05:30 PM05:31 PM0 Mins5 KMs1
3Chaube (CBH)05:35 PM05:36 PM0 Mins10 KMs1
4Dasara (DSME)05:41 PM05:42 PM0 Mins15 KMs1
5Parsabad (PSB)05:47 PM05:48 PM0 Mins22 KMs1
6Yadudih (YDD)05:52 PM05:53 PM0 Mins26 KMs1
7Sarmatanr (SMND)05:58 PM05:59 PM0 Mins31 KMs1
8Hirodih (HRE)06:05 PM06:06 PM0 Mins39 KMs1
9Koderma (KQR)06:13 PM06:14 PM0 Mins48 KMs1
10Gujhandi (GJD)06:26 PM06:27 PM0 Mins58 KMs1
11Lalbag Bh (LBZ)06:31 PM06:32 PM0 Mins60 KMs1
12Dilwa (DLW)06:38 PM06:39 PM0 Mins64 KMs1
13Nah Ganj (NGY)06:45 PM06:46 PM0 Mins70 KMs1
14Baskawa B. H (BSCP)06:52 PM06:53 PM0 Mins72 KMs1
15Yadugram Bh (YGM)07:01 PM07:02 PM0 Mins77 KMs1
16Gurpa (GAP)07:07 PM07:08 PM0 Mins80 KMs1
17Paharpur (PRP)07:34 PM07:36 PM0 Mins92 KMs1
18Bansinala Halt (BNSL)07:45 PM07:46 PM0 Mins98 KMs1
19Tankuppa (TKN)07:54 PM07:55 PM0 Mins104 KMs1
20Bandhua (BNF)08:03 PM08:05 PM0 Mins112 KMs1
21Manpur Jn. (MPO)08:26 PM08:28 PM0 Mins119 KMs1
22Gaya Jn. (GAYA)08:40 PMDestination0 Mins124 KMs1

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