Bsp Pnbe Express (22843) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Bilaspur Jn
22843 - Bsp Pnbe ExpressBilaspur Jn (BSP)Patna Jn (PNBE)Sat
1Bilaspur Jn (BSP)08:30 PM08:30 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Champa (CPH)09:13 PM09:15 PM2 Mins53 KMs1
3Raigarh (RIG)10:11 PM10:13 PM2 Mins133 KMs1
4Brajrajnagar (BRJN)10:57 PM10:59 PM2 Mins193 KMs1
5Jharsuguda Jn (JSG)11:30 PM11:32 PM2 Mins206 KMs1
6Raj Gangpur (GP)12:25 AM12:26 AM1 Mins277 KMs2
7Rourkela (ROU)12:56 AM01:01 AM5 Mins307 KMs2
8Chakradharpur (CKP)02:23 AM02:28 AM5 Mins408 KMs2
9Tatanagar Jn (TATA)03:30 AM04:00 AM30 Mins471 KMs2
10Purulia Jn (PRR)05:43 AM05:45 AM2 Mins561 KMs2
11Joychandi Pahar (JOC)06:26 AM06:28 AM2 Mins600 KMs2
12Asansol Jn (ASN)07:35 AM08:00 AM25 Mins637 KMs2
13Chittaranjan (CRJ)08:24 AM08:26 AM2 Mins662 KMs2
14Madhupur Jn (MDP)09:11 AM09:13 AM2 Mins719 KMs2
15Jasidih Jn (JSME)09:47 AM09:49 AM2 Mins747 KMs2
16Jhajha (JAJ)10:30 AM10:35 AM5 Mins791 KMs2
17Kiul Jn (KIUL)11:10 AM11:12 AM2 Mins845 KMs2
18Mokameh Jn (MKA)11:55 AM11:57 AM2 Mins879 KMs2
19Bakhtiyarpur Jn (BKP)12:30 PM12:32 PM2 Mins923 KMs2
20Fatwa (FUT)12:55 PM12:57 PM2 Mins947 KMs2
21Patna Saheb (PNC)01:20 PM01:22 PM2 Mins959 KMs2
22Patna Jn (PNBE)02:05 PM02:05 PM0 Mins969 KMs2

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