Dee Ju Sup (22482) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Delhi S Rohilla
22482 - Dee Ju SupDelhi S Rohilla (DEE)Jodhpur Jn (JU)Mon Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun
1Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)Source11:15 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Delhi Cantt (DEC)11:30 PM11:32 PM2 Mins10 KMs1
3Gurgaon (GGN)11:48 PM11:50 PM2 Mins27 KMs1
4Pataudi Road (PTRD)12:11 AM12:13 AM2 Mins57 KMs2
5Rewari (RE)12:45 AM12:48 AM3 Mins78 KMs2
6Mahendragarh (MHRG)01:22 AM01:23 AM1 Mins129 KMs2
7Loharu (LHU)01:55 AM02:00 AM5 Mins170 KMs2
8Sadulpur Jn (SDLP)02:37 AM02:40 AM3 Mins220 KMs2
9Churu (CUR)03:25 AM03:33 AM8 Mins277 KMs2
10Ratangarh Jn (RTGH)04:20 AM04:25 AM5 Mins320 KMs2
11Sujangarh (SUJH)05:01 AM05:06 AM5 Mins366 KMs2
12Ladnun (LAU)05:16 AM05:21 AM5 Mins376 KMs2
13Didwana (DIA)05:46 AM05:48 AM2 Mins407 KMs2
14Choti Khatu (CTKT)06:13 AM06:15 AM2 Mins442 KMs2
15Khatu (KHTU)06:21 AM06:23 AM2 Mins448 KMs2
16Degana Jn (DNA)06:54 AM06:57 AM3 Mins473 KMs2
17Ren (REN)07:18 AM07:20 AM2 Mins500 KMs2
18Merta Road Jn (MTD)07:55 AM08:00 AM5 Mins517 KMs2
19Jodhpur Jn (JU)10:00 AMDestination0 Mins622 KMs2

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