Tulsi Express (22130) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Allahabad Jn
22130 - Tulsi ExpressAllahabad Jn (ALD)Lokmanyatilak T (LTT)Mon Wed
1Allahabad Jn (ALD)Source06:45 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Manikpur (MKP)08:30 PM08:35 PM5 Mins101 KMs1
3Chitrakutdham K (CKTD)09:06 PM09:11 PM5 Mins132 KMs1
4Atarra (ATE)09:36 PM09:38 PM2 Mins169 KMs1
5Banda Jn (BNDA)10:28 PM10:30 PM2 Mins201 KMs1
6Mahoba Jn (MBA)11:13 PM11:15 PM2 Mins254 KMs1
7Harpalpur (HPP)12:03 AM12:05 AM2 Mins307 KMs2
8Mau Ranipur (MRPR)12:30 AM12:32 AM2 Mins329 KMs2
9Jhansi Jn (JHS)01:50 AM02:10 AM20 Mins392 KMs2
10Lalitpur Jn (LAR)03:12 AM03:14 AM2 Mins482 KMs2
11Bina Jn (BINA)04:20 AM04:25 AM5 Mins545 KMs2
12Bhopal Jn (BPL)06:55 AM07:10 AM15 Mins683 KMs2
13Habibganj (HBJ)07:22 AM07:24 AM2 Mins689 KMs2
14Itarsi Jn (ET)08:45 AM08:55 AM10 Mins775 KMs2
15Timarni (TBN)09:36 AM09:37 AM1 Mins836 KMs2
16Harda (HD)09:50 AM09:52 AM2 Mins850 KMs2
17Khandwa (KNW)11:52 AM11:55 AM3 Mins958 KMs2
18Burhanpur (BAU)12:48 PM12:50 PM2 Mins1027 KMs2
19Bhusaval Jn (BSL)01:40 PM01:45 PM5 Mins1082 KMs2
20Manmad Jn (MMR)03:55 PM04:00 PM5 Mins1266 KMs2
21Nasik Road (NK)04:55 PM05:00 PM5 Mins1339 KMs2
22Igatpuri (IGP)06:30 PM06:35 PM5 Mins1389 KMs2
23Kalyan Jn (KYN)08:22 PM08:25 PM3 Mins1473 KMs2
24Thane (TNA)08:47 PM08:50 PM3 Mins1493 KMs2
25Lokmanyatilak T (LTT)09:30 PMDestination0 Mins1510 KMs2

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