Pnbe Adi Express (19422) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Patna Jn
19422 - Pnbe Adi ExpressPatna Jn (PNBE)Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)Tue
1Patna Jn (PNBE)Source10:10 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Danapur (DNR)10:25 AM10:27 AM2 Mins10 KMs1
3Ara (ARA)10:55 AM10:57 AM2 Mins50 KMs1
4Buxar (BXR)11:43 AM11:45 AM2 Mins118 KMs1
5Dd Upadhyaya Jn (DDU)01:47 PM02:02 PM15 Mins212 KMs1
6Kashi (KEI)02:40 PM02:42 PM2 Mins224 KMs1
7Varanasi Jn (BSB)03:25 PM03:35 PM10 Mins229 KMs1
8Gyanpur Road (GYN)05:01 PM05:03 PM2 Mins289 KMs1
9Allahabad City (ALY)07:10 PM07:12 PM2 Mins351 KMs1
10Allahabad Jn (ALD)07:25 PM08:02 PM37 Mins353 KMs1
11Manikpur (MKP)10:58 PM11:00 PM2 Mins454 KMs1
12Satna (STA)12:05 AM12:15 AM10 Mins531 KMs2
13Katni (KTE)01:45 AM01:50 AM5 Mins629 KMs2
14Damoh (DMO)03:28 AM03:30 AM2 Mins740 KMs2
15Saugor (SGO)04:32 AM04:34 AM2 Mins818 KMs2
16Bina Jn (BINA)07:00 AM07:10 AM10 Mins892 KMs2
17Vidisha (BHS)08:08 AM08:10 AM2 Mins977 KMs2
18S Hirdaramnagar (BIH)10:10 AM10:12 AM2 Mins1041 KMs2
19Sehore (SEH)10:36 AM10:38 AM2 Mins1069 KMs2
20Shujalpur (SJP)11:18 AM11:20 AM2 Mins1111 KMs2
21Berchha (BCH)11:56 AM11:58 AM2 Mins1154 KMs2
22Ujjain Jn (UJN)01:05 PM01:10 PM5 Mins1214 KMs2
23Nagda Jn (NAD)02:06 PM02:08 PM2 Mins1269 KMs2
24Ratlam Jn (RTM)03:05 PM03:15 PM10 Mins1310 KMs2
25Dahod (DHD)04:58 PM05:00 PM2 Mins1424 KMs2
26Vadodara Jn (BRC)08:10 PM08:25 PM15 Mins1572 KMs2
27Anand Jn (ANND)09:00 PM09:02 PM2 Mins1608 KMs2
28Nadiad Jn (ND)09:17 PM09:19 PM2 Mins1626 KMs2
29Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)10:20 PMDestination0 Mins1671 KMs2

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