Pnbe Hte Express (18625) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Patna Jn
18625 - Pnbe Hte ExpressPatna Jn (PNBE)Hatia (HTE)Mon Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun
1Patna Jn (PNBE)11:40 AM11:40 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Taregna (TEA)12:07 PM12:12 PM5 Mins30 KMs1
3Jehanabad (JHD)12:24 PM12:26 PM2 Mins45 KMs1
4Bela (BELA)12:47 PM12:49 PM2 Mins73 KMs1
5Gaya Jn (GAYA)01:43 PM02:08 PM25 Mins92 KMs1
6Tankuppa (TKN)02:28 PM02:30 PM2 Mins112 KMs1
7Paharpur (PRP)02:41 PM02:43 PM2 Mins125 KMs1
8Koderma (KQR)03:21 PM03:23 PM2 Mins168 KMs1
9Parsabad (PSB)03:42 PM03:44 PM2 Mins195 KMs1
10Hazaribagh Rd (HZD)04:00 PM04:02 PM2 Mins217 KMs1
11Parasnath (PNME)04:23 PM04:25 PM2 Mins244 KMs1
12Nsc Bose J Gomo (GMO)04:50 PM05:00 PM10 Mins262 KMs1
13Telo (TELO)05:13 PM05:15 PM2 Mins271 KMs1
14Chandrapura Jn (CRP)05:26 PM05:28 PM2 Mins279 KMs1
15Bokaro Stl City (BKSC)06:05 PM06:10 PM5 Mins294 KMs1
16Pundhag (PNW)06:23 PM06:25 PM2 Mins311 KMs1
17Kotshila (KSX)06:38 PM06:40 PM2 Mins322 KMs1
18Jhalida (JAA)06:51 PM06:52 PM1 Mins334 KMs1
19Muri (MURI)07:13 PM07:18 PM5 Mins346 KMs1
20Ranchi (RNC)08:40 PM08:45 PM5 Mins411 KMs1
21Hatia (HTE)09:00 PM09:00 PM0 Mins418 KMs1

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