Rnc Cpu Express (18613) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
18613 - Rnc Cpu Express () ()
1Ranchi (RNC)12:00 AM07:45 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Namkom (NKM)07:54 AM07:55 AM0 Mins4 KMs1
3Silli (SLF)08:44 AM08:45 AM0 Mins55 KMs1
4Muri (MURI)08:58 AM09:00 AM0 Mins62 KMs1
5Ramgarh Cantt. (RMT)10:13 AM10:15 AM0 Mins115 KMs1
6Barka Kana (BRKA)10:28 AM10:48 AM0 Mins119 KMs1
7Patratu (PTRU)11:04 AM11:09 AM0 Mins138 KMs1
8Khalari (KLRE)11:33 AM11:35 AM0 Mins174 KMs1
9Mccluskieganj (MGME)11:42 AM11:44 AM0 Mins180 KMs1
10Tori (TORI)12:03 PM12:05 PM0 Mins202 KMs1
11Lateher (LTHR)12:31 PM12:33 PM0 Mins235 KMs1
12Barwadih Jn. (BRWD)01:03 PM01:08 PM0 Mins275 KMs1
13Daltonganj (DTO)01:40 PM01:45 PM0 Mins303 KMs1
14Garwa Road Jn. (GHD)02:45 PM02:50 PM0 Mins336 KMs1
15Garhwa (GHQ)03:00 PM03:02 PM0 Mins346 KMs1
16Ramna (RMF)03:24 PM03:26 PM0 Mins368 KMs1
17Nagaruntari (NUQ)03:34 PM03:36 PM0 Mins380 KMs1
18Dudhinagar (DXN)04:06 PM04:08 PM0 Mins414 KMs1
19Renukut (RNQ)04:31 PM04:36 PM0 Mins436 KMs1
20Chopan (CPU)05:45 PMDestination0 Mins477 KMs1

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