Amarnath Express (15098) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Jammu Tawi
15098 - Amarnath ExpressJammu Tawi (JAT)Bhagalpur (BGP)Wed
1Jammu Tawi (JAT)10:45 PM10:45 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Kathua (KTHU)11:50 PM11:52 PM2 Mins77 KMs1
3Pathankot Cantt (PTKC)12:25 AM12:30 AM5 Mins100 KMs2
4Jalandhar Cant (JRC)02:15 AM02:20 AM5 Mins216 KMs2
5Ludhiana Jn (LDH)03:20 AM03:30 AM10 Mins269 KMs2
6Ambala Cant Jn (UMB)05:17 AM05:25 AM8 Mins382 KMs2
7Yamunanagar Jud (YJUD)06:07 AM06:09 AM2 Mins433 KMs2
8Saharanpur (SRE)06:50 AM07:00 AM10 Mins463 KMs2
9Roorkee (RK)07:30 AM07:32 AM2 Mins498 KMs2
10Laksar Jn (LRJ)07:52 AM07:54 AM2 Mins516 KMs2
11Moradabad (MB)10:00 AM10:08 AM8 Mins656 KMs2
12Bareilly (BE)11:35 AM11:40 AM5 Mins747 KMs2
13Shahjehanpur (SPN)12:45 PM12:47 PM2 Mins817 KMs2
14Lucknow Nr (LKO)03:20 PM03:30 PM10 Mins982 KMs2
15Gonda Jn (GD)05:30 PM05:45 PM15 Mins1098 KMs2
16Basti (BST)07:00 PM07:05 PM5 Mins1188 KMs2
17Gorakhpur Jn (GKP)08:40 PM08:55 PM15 Mins1252 KMs2
18Deoria Sadar (DEOS)09:38 PM09:40 PM2 Mins1302 KMs2
19Bhatni Jn (BTT)10:05 PM10:10 PM5 Mins1323 KMs2
20Siwan Jn (SV)11:05 PM11:10 PM5 Mins1371 KMs2
21Chhapra (CPR)12:45 AM12:55 AM10 Mins1432 KMs3
22Sonpur Jn (SEE)01:52 AM01:54 AM2 Mins1486 KMs3
23Hajipur Jn (HJP)02:08 AM02:10 AM2 Mins1491 KMs3
24Muzaffarpur Jn (MFP)03:00 AM03:10 AM10 Mins1545 KMs3
25Samastipur Jn (SPJ)04:05 AM04:10 AM5 Mins1597 KMs3
26Barauni Jn (BJU)05:30 AM05:40 AM10 Mins1648 KMs3
27Kiul Jn (KIUL)07:15 AM07:20 AM5 Mins1687 KMs3
28Abhaipur (AHA)07:42 AM07:44 AM2 Mins1710 KMs3
29Jamalpur Jn (JMP)08:20 AM08:25 AM5 Mins1732 KMs3
30Sultanganj (SGG)08:52 AM08:54 AM2 Mins1761 KMs3
31Bhagalpur (BGP)10:00 AM10:00 AM0 Mins1785 KMs3

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