Bdl Lko Intrcty (14209) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Prayag
14209 - Bdl Lko IntrctyPrayag (PRG)Lucknow Nr (LKO)
1Prayag (PRG)03:40 PM03:40 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Kunda Harnamgnj (KHNM)04:21 PM04:23 PM2 Mins49 KMs1
3Unchahar Jn (UCR)04:47 PM04:49 PM2 Mins79 KMs1
4Rae Bareli Jn (RBL)05:24 PM05:26 PM2 Mins117 KMs1
5Harchandpur (HCP)05:40 PM05:42 PM2 Mins132 KMs1
6Bachhrawan (BCN)05:54 PM05:56 PM2 Mins148 KMs1
7Nigohan (NHN)06:06 PM06:08 PM2 Mins159 KMs1
8Lucknow Nr (LKO)07:25 PM07:25 PM0 Mins195 KMs1

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