Hate Bazare Express (13164) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Saharsa Jn
13164 - Hate Bazare ExpressSaharsa Jn (SHC)Sealdah (SDAH)Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat Sun
1Saharsa Jn (SHC)Source02:20 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2S Bakhtiyarpur (SBV)02:34 PM02:36 PM2 Mins17 KMs1
3Koparia (KFA)02:42 PM02:44 PM2 Mins24 KMs1
4Mansi Jn (MNE)03:56 PM03:58 PM2 Mins45 KMs1
5Mahes Khunt (MSK)04:09 PM04:10 PM1 Mins56 KMs1
6Narayanpur (NNR)04:41 PM04:42 PM1 Mins80 KMs1
7Thana Bihpur Jn (THB)04:53 PM04:54 PM1 Mins87 KMs1
8Naugachia (NNA)05:08 PM05:09 PM1 Mins103 KMs1
9Kursela (KUE)05:29 PM05:30 PM1 Mins121 KMs1
10Karagola Road (CRR)05:50 PM05:51 PM1 Mins138 KMs1
11Semapur (SMO)06:09 PM06:10 PM1 Mins149 KMs1
12Katihar Jn (KIR)07:15 PM07:40 PM25 Mins160 KMs1
13Labha (LAV)08:10 PM08:12 PM2 Mins183 KMs1
14Kumedpur (KDPR)08:21 PM08:23 PM2 Mins190 KMs1
15Harischandrpur (HCR)08:34 PM08:36 PM2 Mins196 KMs1
16Bhaluka Road F (BKRD)08:47 PM08:49 PM2 Mins206 KMs1
17Samsi (SM)09:15 PM09:17 PM2 Mins216 KMs1
18Eklakhi (EKI)09:51 PM09:53 PM2 Mins232 KMs1
19Malda Town (MLDT)10:40 PM10:50 PM10 Mins251 KMs1
20New Farakka Jn (NFK)11:22 PM11:24 PM2 Mins285 KMs1
21Nimtita (NILE)12:01 AM12:03 AM2 Mins310 KMs2
22Jangipur Road (JRLE)12:28 AM12:29 AM1 Mins330 KMs2
23Azimganj Jn (AZ)01:25 AM01:32 AM7 Mins365 KMs2
24Khagraghat Road (KGLE)01:55 AM01:57 AM2 Mins380 KMs2
25Bazarsau (BZLE)02:19 AM02:21 AM2 Mins407 KMs2
26Salar (SALE)02:37 AM02:38 AM1 Mins421 KMs2
27Katwa (KWAE)03:07 AM03:12 AM5 Mins438 KMs2
28Nabadwip Dham (NDAE)03:44 AM03:49 AM5 Mins477 KMs2
29Ambika Kalna (ABKA)04:10 AM04:12 AM2 Mins500 KMs2
30Bandel Jn (BDC)05:40 AM05:45 AM5 Mins542 KMs2
31Naihati Jn (NH)06:07 AM06:12 AM5 Mins551 KMs2
32Sealdah (SDAH)07:15 AMDestination0 Mins589 KMs2

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