Hwh Ju Express (12307) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Howrah Jn
12307 - Hwh Ju ExpressHowrah Jn (HWH)Bikaner Jn (BKN)Mon Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun
1Howrah Jn (HWH)11:40 PM11:40 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Barddhaman Jn (BWN)12:46 AM12:48 AM2 Mins95 KMs2
3Asansol Jn (ASN)02:04 AM02:08 AM4 Mins200 KMs2
4Dhanbad Jn (DHN)03:20 AM03:30 AM10 Mins259 KMs2
5Parasnath (PNME)04:08 AM04:10 AM2 Mins306 KMs2
6Koderma (KQR)05:03 AM05:08 AM5 Mins382 KMs2
7Gaya Jn (GAYA)06:28 AM06:33 AM5 Mins458 KMs2
8Anugraha N Road (AUBR)07:18 AM07:20 AM2 Mins526 KMs2
9Dehri On Sone (DOS)07:33 AM07:35 AM2 Mins543 KMs2
10Sasaram (SSM)07:49 AM07:51 AM2 Mins561 KMs2
11Bhabua Road (BBU)08:22 AM08:24 AM2 Mins608 KMs2
12Mughal Sarai Jn (MGS)09:45 AM10:00 AM15 Mins661 KMs2
13Mirzapur (MZP)11:00 AM11:02 AM2 Mins724 KMs2
14Allahabad Jn (ALD)12:25 PM12:30 PM5 Mins813 KMs2
15Fatehpur (FTP)01:44 PM01:46 PM2 Mins930 KMs2
16Kanpur Central (CNB)03:00 PM03:15 PM15 Mins1008 KMs2
17Etawah (ETW)04:46 PM04:48 PM2 Mins1146 KMs2
18Tundla Jn (TDL)06:55 PM07:00 PM5 Mins1237 KMs2
19Agra Fort (AF)07:45 PM08:10 PM25 Mins1260 KMs2
20Achhnera Jn (AH)08:43 PM08:45 PM2 Mins1286 KMs2
21Bharatpur Jn (BTE)09:24 PM09:26 PM2 Mins1314 KMs2
22Jaipur (JP)12:35 AM12:45 AM10 Mins1501 KMs3
23Nawa City (NAC)02:18 AM02:19 AM1 Mins1591 KMs3
24Kuchaman City (KMNC)02:32 AM02:34 AM2 Mins1607 KMs3
25Makrana Jn (MKN)02:47 AM02:50 AM3 Mins1620 KMs3
26Degana Jn (DNA)03:26 AM03:29 AM3 Mins1664 KMs3
27Merta Road Jn (MTD)04:17 AM04:50 AM33 Mins1709 KMs3
28Jodhpur Jn (JU)06:50 AM05:30 AM0 Mins1813 KMs3
29Merta Road Jn (MTD)04:02 AM05:00 AM58 Mins1709 KMs3
30Nagaur (NGO)05:45 AM05:50 AM5 Mins1767 KMs3
31Nokha (NOK)06:28 AM06:30 AM2 Mins1818 KMs3
32Deshnok (DSO)08:03 AM08:05 AM2 Mins1850 KMs3
33Bikaner Jn (BKN)08:45 AM08:45 AM0 Mins1882 KMs3

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