Ljn Swran Shatabdi (12003) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Lucknow Ne
12003 - Ljn Swran ShatabdiLucknow Ne (LJN)New Delhi (NDLS)Mon Tue Wed Fri Sat Sun
1Lucknow Ne (LJN)03:35 PM03:35 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Kanpur Central (CNB)04:50 PM04:55 PM5 Mins74 KMs1
3Etawah (ETW)06:10 PM06:11 PM1 Mins212 KMs1
4Tundla Jn (TDL)07:20 PM07:22 PM2 Mins304 KMs1
5Aligarh Jn (ALJN)08:08 PM08:10 PM2 Mins382 KMs1
6Ghaziabad (GZB)09:30 PM09:32 PM2 Mins488 KMs1
7New Delhi (NDLS)10:15 PM10:15 PM0 Mins511 KMs1

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