Pnbe Adi Premiu (09412) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Patna Jn
09412 - Pnbe Adi PremiuPatna Jn (PNBE)Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)Wed
1Patna Jn (PNBE)Source11:35 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Danapur (DNR)11:53 AM11:55 AM2 Mins10 KMs1
3Ara (ARA)12:23 PM12:25 PM2 Mins50 KMs1
4Buxar (BXR)01:18 PM01:20 PM2 Mins118 KMs1
5Mughal Sarai Jn (MGS)03:02 PM03:12 PM10 Mins212 KMs1
6Allahabad Jn (ALD)05:20 PM05:25 PM5 Mins353 KMs1
7Kanpur Central (CNB)08:45 PM08:55 PM10 Mins548 KMs1
8Tundla Jn (TDL)12:15 AM12:20 AM5 Mins777 KMs2
9Agra Fort (AF)01:10 AM01:15 AM5 Mins800 KMs2
10Bayana Jn (BXN)04:08 AM04:10 AM2 Mins884 KMs2
11Hindaun City (HAN)04:45 AM04:47 AM2 Mins917 KMs2
12Gangapur City (GGC)05:20 AM05:25 AM5 Mins962 KMs2
13Sawai Madhopur (SWM)06:10 AM06:15 AM5 Mins1025 KMs2
14Kota Jn (KOTA)07:50 AM08:00 AM10 Mins1133 KMs2
15Nagda Jn (NAD)11:30 AM11:32 AM2 Mins1358 KMs2
16Ratlam Jn (RTM)12:20 PM12:30 PM10 Mins1399 KMs2
17Dahod (DHD)01:55 PM01:57 PM2 Mins1513 KMs2
18Godhra Jn (GDA)03:20 PM03:22 PM2 Mins1587 KMs2
19Vadodara Jn (BRC)04:20 PM04:45 PM25 Mins1661 KMs2
20Anand Jn (ANND)05:20 PM05:21 PM1 Mins1697 KMs2
21Nadiad Jn (ND)05:40 PM05:42 PM2 Mins1715 KMs2
22Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)07:00 PMDestination0 Mins1760 KMs2

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