Mys Rewa Express (06229) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
06229 - Mys Rewa Express () ()Sat
1Mysore Jn. (MYS)Source07:20 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Mandya (MYA)07:58 AM08:00 AM0 Mins45 KMs1
3Kengeri (KGI)09:08 AM09:10 AM0 Mins126 KMs1
4Bangalore City Jn. (SBC)09:22 AM09:24 AM0 Mins138 KMs1
5Yesvantpur Jn. (YPR)09:36 AM09:38 AM0 Mins144 KMs1
6Tumkur (TK)10:34 AM10:36 AM0 Mins210 KMs1
7Kardi (RDI)11:34 AM11:36 AM0 Mins269 KMs1
8Arsikere Jn. (ASK)12:13 PM12:15 PM0 Mins306 KMs1
9Chitradurg (CTA)02:08 PM02:10 PM0 Mins452 KMs1
10Bellary Jn. (BAY)05:21 PM05:23 PM0 Mins603 KMs1
11Guntakal Jn. (GTL)06:11 PM06:13 PM0 Mins653 KMs1
12Adoni (AD)06:52 PM06:54 PM0 Mins705 KMs1
13Manthralayam Road (MALM)07:19 PM07:21 PM0 Mins746 KMs1
14Raichur (RC)07:41 PM07:43 PM0 Mins774 KMs1
15Krishna (KSN)08:04 PM08:06 PM0 Mins799 KMs1
16Yadgir (YG)08:38 PM08:40 PM0 Mins843 KMs1
17Wadi Jn. (WADI)09:31 PM09:33 PM0 Mins882 KMs1
18Gulbarga (GR)10:09 PM10:11 PM0 Mins918 KMs1
19Solapur (SUR)11:45 PM11:47 PM0 Mins1031 KMs1
20Daund Jn. (DD)01:57 AM01:59 AM0 Mins1219 KMs1
21Ahmadnagar. (ANG)03:17 AM03:19 AM0 Mins1303 KMs1
22Kopargaon (KPG)04:47 AM04:49 AM0 Mins1414 KMs1
23Manmad Jn. (MMR)06:10 AM06:12 AM0 Mins1456 KMs1
24Bhusaval Jn. (BSL)08:15 AM08:17 AM0 Mins1640 KMs1
25Khandwa Jn. (KNW)10:11 AM10:13 AM0 Mins1763 KMs1
26Itarsi Jn. (ET)12:24 PM12:26 PM0 Mins1946 KMs1
27Pipariya (PPI)01:22 PM01:24 PM0 Mins2014 KMs1
28Narsinghpur (NU)02:25 PM02:27 PM0 Mins2108 KMs1
29Jabalpur (JBP)03:29 PM03:31 PM0 Mins2192 KMs1
30Katni Jn. (KTE)04:38 PM04:40 PM0 Mins2282 KMs1
31Maihar (MYR)05:24 PM05:26 PM0 Mins2345 KMs1
32Satna (STA)05:53 PM05:55 PM0 Mins2381 KMs1
33Rewa (REWA)07:14 PMDestination0 Mins2430 KMs1

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