Cpr Ljn Special (05065) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Chhapra
05065 - Cpr Ljn SpecialChhapra (CPR)Lucknow Ne (LJN)Tue Sun
1Chhapra (CPR)07:30 PM07:30 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Siwan Jn (SV)08:25 PM08:30 PM5 Mins61 KMs1
3Thawe Jn (THE)09:15 PM09:20 PM5 Mins89 KMs1
4Tamkuhi Road (TOI)10:05 PM10:07 PM2 Mins126 KMs1
5Dudahi (DUE)10:28 PM10:30 PM2 Mins138 KMs1
6Padrauna (POU)10:40 PM10:45 PM5 Mins157 KMs1
7Ramkola (RKL)11:02 PM11:04 PM2 Mins172 KMs1
8Kaptanganj Jn (CPJ)11:45 PM11:50 PM5 Mins188 KMs1
9Gorakhpur Jn (GKP)01:00 AM01:10 AM10 Mins227 KMs2
10Basti (BST)02:27 AM02:30 AM3 Mins292 KMs2
11Mankapur Jn (MUR)03:28 AM03:30 AM2 Mins353 KMs2
12Gonda Jn (GD)04:10 AM04:15 AM5 Mins381 KMs2
13Barabanki Jn (BBK)06:30 AM06:32 AM2 Mins470 KMs2
14Badshahnagar (BNZ)07:07 AM07:10 AM3 Mins494 KMs2
15Lucknow Ne (LJN)08:15 AM08:15 AM0 Mins506 KMs2

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