Ju Hw Special (04831) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
04831 - Ju Hw Special () ()Tue
1Jodhpur Jn. (JU)Source02:00 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Gotan (GOTN)03:02 PM03:04 PM0 Mins84 KMs1
3Merta Road Jn. (MTD)03:28 PM03:33 PM0 Mins104 KMs1
4Degana Jn. (DNA)04:06 PM04:09 PM0 Mins149 KMs1
5Khatu (KHTU)04:29 PM04:31 PM0 Mins174 KMs1
6Choti Khatu (CTKT)04:39 PM04:41 PM0 Mins179 KMs1
7Didwana (DIA)05:10 PM05:13 PM0 Mins215 KMs1
8Ladnun (LAU)06:17 PM06:20 PM0 Mins246 KMs1
9Sujangarh (SUJH)06:33 PM06:36 PM0 Mins255 KMs1
10Ratanagarh Jn. (RTGH)08:15 PM08:20 PM0 Mins301 KMs1
11Churu (CUR)08:55 PM09:05 PM0 Mins344 KMs1
12Sadulpur Jn. (SDLP)09:55 PM10:00 PM0 Mins402 KMs1
13Siwani (SWNI)10:35 PM10:37 PM0 Mins442 KMs1
14Hisar Jn. (HSR)11:45 PM12:20 AM0 Mins473 KMs1
15Dhuri Jn. (DUI)02:10 AM02:35 AM0 Mins620 KMs1
16Patiala (PTA)03:15 AM03:17 AM0 Mins673 KMs1
17Rajpura Jn. (RPJ)04:08 AM04:10 AM0 Mins698 KMs1
18Ambala Cantt. Jn. (UMB)05:05 AM05:15 AM0 Mins726 KMs1
19Jagadhri Workshop (JUDW)06:20 AM06:22 AM0 Mins772 KMs1
20Saharanpur Jn. (SRE)08:20 AM08:30 AM0 Mins807 KMs1
21Jwalapur (JWP)10:29 AM10:31 AM0 Mins879 KMs1
22Haridwar Jn. (HW)10:45 AMDestination0 Mins883 KMs1

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