15630 - Guwahati - Chennai Egmore Express (NAGAON EXPRESS)
Rangiya Jn (RNY) Pakur (PKR)

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15630 Guwahati - Chennai Egmore Express News

Guwahati – Chennai Egmore Weeekly Express extended to run upto and from Tambaram

For commissioning of new coaching terminal at Tambaram two pair of trains has been extended to run upto and from Tambaram on an experimental basis from August 7 to August 31. Train number 15630 / 15629 and train number 15930 / 15929 will run up...

08 Aug,2017
Four express trains extended from Chennai Egmore to Tambaram

On experimental basis as a part of commissioning of Tambaram Coaching Terminal following trains will be extended to run to and from Tambaram as per details:

  • 15630 Guwahati-Tambaram Weekly Express will arrive Chennai Egmore at 08:...
07 Aug,2017
Guwahati – Chennai, Darbhanga-Chennai, Howrah – Kanyakumari, Howrah – Tiruchchirapali will be diverted to run via Cuttack

South central Railway has diverted four pair of trains operating through its section to run via Barang-Cuttack-Nergundi. All these trains used to go through Barang-Cuttack-Nergundi-Kapilas Road. These trains will stop at Cuttack for minutes; th...

15 Nov,2016