14650 - Saryu Yamuna Express (SARYUYAMUNA EXP)
Barabanki Jn (BBK) Hajipur Jn (HJP)

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  • Rupinder Singh
    18 Feb, 2018 - 04:44 am Rupinder Singh

    It is a low priority train for railways with frequent stoppages and 3-4 hour delay is common. Also it is always crammed with UP/Bihar bound unreserved passengers who take entry on the basis of waitlisted tickets. At night the sleeper class floor and corridor is jammed with such passengers.

14650 Saryu Yamuna Express News

अमृतसर - जयनगर सरायमानुना एक्सप्रेस आज - मार्च 20को निरस्त

ट्रेन नंबर 14650 अमृतसर - जयनगर सरयूयमुना एक्सप्रेस अमृतसर से आज अर्थात मार्च 20 को नहीं चलेगी और ...

20 Mar,2017
Amritsar – Jaynagar Saryuyamuna express cancelled today on March 20

Train number 14650 Amritsar – Jaynagar Saryuyamuna Express will not depart from Amritsar today i.e. on march 20 and will remain cancelled fully.

Train schedule on main stations –

  • Amritsar departure time – 11...
20 Mar,2017