12028 - Bangalore- Chennai Shatabdi Express (SBC-MAS SHATABDI EXP)
Ksr Bengaluru (SBC) Chennai Central (MAS)

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  • Raja Shekaran
    06 Jan, 2018 - 04:56 am Raja Shekaran

    This train has been running late for several months and the quality of the food served is horrible.why no C orrctive measures have been taken to rectify. Also I wonder why a caterer who do not know the local language is allowed to serve food, the problem is many is unable to interact due to language problem and suffer silently. Alternatively why not we have a pantry with a menu we choose what we want to eat and pay only for the same. Whereby customer can save money and eat only what he or she desires to eat rather than eat what is forced on you. Hope railway minister takes a note of this brings necessary changes to help the passengers.RegardsRajashekaranSeat number. 75,76,77 and 78Date of journey. 6/1/18Train no. 12028

12028 Bangalore- Chennai Shatabdi Express News

Extra coach in Bengaluru - Chennai Shatabdi Express on permanent basis
Southern Railway has added one extra Executive Chair car coach in train number 12028 / 12027 KSR Bengaluru – Chennai Central – KSR Bengaluru Shatabdi Express on a permanent basis. This change will be effective immediately and the premie...
19 Jun,2018