02834 - Santragachi - Hapa Ac Superfast Special Fare Special

Santragachi Jn (SRC) Hapa (HAPA)

02834 - Src-hapa Sf Ac Special Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Howrah (HWH)Source11:55 pm0 KmsYes Mins4 Mins
2Santragachi (SRC)12:00 am09:05 pm0 KmsYes Mins-
3Mecheda (MCA)09:37 pm09:37 pm50 KmsYes Mins8 Mins
4Panskura (PKU)09:47 pm09:47 pm65 KmsYes Mins7 Mins
5Kharagpur (KGP)10:50 pm10:55 pm110 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
6Tatanagar (TATA)12:50 am12:55 am244 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
7Chakradharpur (CKP)01:50 am01:55 am307 KmsYes Mins-
8Rourkela (ROU)03:15 am03:25 am406 KmsYes Mins8 Mins
9Raj Gangpur (GP)03:45 am03:45 am436 KmsYes Mins7 Mins
10Bamra (BMB)04:04 am04:04 am471 KmsYes Mins10 Mins
11Jharsuguda (JSG)04:55 am05:00 am507 KmsYes Mins48 Mins
12Brajrajnagar (BRJN)05:10 am05:10 am520 KmsYes Mins20 Mins
13Belpahar (BPH)05:15 am05:15 am529 KmsYes Mins23 Mins
14Raigarh (RIG)05:46 am05:46 am581 KmsYes Mins32 Mins
15Kharsia (KHS)06:07 am06:07 am614 KmsYes Mins39 Mins
16Baradwar (BUA)06:26 am06:26 am645 KmsYes Mins44 Mins
17Champa (CPH)06:39 am06:39 am660 KmsYes Mins40 Mins
18Janjgir Naila (NIA)06:53 am06:53 am671 KmsYes Mins41 Mins
19Akaltara (AKT)07:08 am07:08 am686 KmsYes Mins41 Mins
20Bilaspur (BSP)07:55 am08:10 am713 KmsYes Mins26 Mins
21Bhatapara (BYT)08:53 am08:53 am759 KmsYes Mins28 Mins
22Tilda (TLD)09:09 am09:09 am785 KmsYes Mins31 Mins
23Raipur (R)10:00 am10:10 am823 KmsYes Mins38 Mins
24Bhilai Pwr Hs (BPHB)02:09 pm02:11 pm855 KmsYes Mins-
25Durg (DURG)10:55 am11:00 am860 KmsYes Mins-
26Raj Nandgaon (RJN)11:38 am11:38 am889 KmsYes Mins-
27Dongargarh (DGG)11:58 am11:58 am920 KmsYes Mins-
28Amgaon (AGN)12:33 pm12:33 pm971 KmsYes Mins-
29Gondia (G)12:53 pm12:55 pm994 KmsYes Mins-
30Tirora (TRO)01:20 pm01:20 pm1023 KmsYes Mins-
31Tumsar Road (TMR)01:32 pm01:32 pm1043 KmsYes Mins-
32Bhandara Road (BRD)01:42 pm01:42 pm1061 KmsYes Mins-
33Kamptee (KP)02:10 pm02:10 pm1109 KmsYes Mins-
34Nagpur (NGP)03:05 pm03:15 pm1124 KmsYes Mins-
35Ajni (AJNI)03:32 pm03:32 pm1126 KmsYes Mins-
36Wardha (WR)04:28 pm04:30 pm1202 KmsYes Mins-
37Pulgaon (PLO)04:59 pm04:59 pm1232 KmsYes Mins-
38Dhamangaon (DMN)05:12 pm05:12 pm1252 KmsYes Mins-
39Chandur (CND)05:22 pm05:22 pm1268 KmsYes Mins-
40Badnera (BD)06:40 pm06:45 pm1298 KmsYes Mins-
41Murtajapur (MZR)08:08 pm08:08 pm1339 KmsYes Mins-
42Akola (AK)08:00 pm08:02 pm1376 KmsYes Mins-
43Shegaon (SEG)09:03 pm09:03 pm1414 KmsYes Mins-
44Jalamb (JM)09:11 pm09:11 pm1426 KmsYes Mins-
45Nandura (NN)08:37 pm08:37 pm1438 KmsYes Mins-
46Malkapur (MKU)08:50 pm08:52 pm1466 KmsYes Mins-
47Bhusaval (BSL)09:50 pm10:00 pm1516 KmsYes Mins-
48Jalgaon (JL)10:30 pm10:35 pm1540 KmsYes Mins-
49Dharangaon (DXG)11:08 pm11:08 pm1571 KmsYes Mins-
50Amalner (AN)11:28 pm11:30 pm1596 KmsYes Mins-
51Sindkheda (SNK)12:17 am12:17 am1637 KmsYes Mins-
52Dondaicha (DDE)12:31 am12:31 am1656 KmsYes Mins-
53Nandurbar (NDB)01:18 am01:23 am1691 KmsYes Mins-
54Navapur (NWU)02:15 am02:15 am1748 KmsYes Mins-
55Vyara (VYA)02:45 am02:45 am1790 KmsYes Mins-
56Madhi (MID)02:55 am02:55 am1805 KmsYes Mins-
57Bardoli (BIY)03:04 am03:04 am1820 KmsYes Mins-
58Udhna (UDN)03:27 am03:27 am1847 KmsYes Mins-
59Surat (ST)04:27 am04:32 am1851 KmsYes Mins-
60Bharuch (BH)05:15 am05:17 am1910 KmsYes Mins-
61Vadodara (BRC)06:15 am06:20 am1980 KmsYes Mins-
62Anand (ANND)06:52 am06:54 am2016 KmsYes Mins-
63Nadiad (ND)07:12 am07:14 am2034 KmsYes Mins-
64Ahmedabad (ADI)08:25 am08:45 am2080 KmsYes Mins-
65Maninagar (MAN)01:02 pm01:04 pm2084 KmsYes Mins-
66Viramgam (VG)09:55 am09:57 am2145 KmsYes Mins-
67Surendranagar (SUNR)10:48 am10:50 am2210 KmsYes Mins-
68Wankaner (WKR)12:02 pm12:05 pm2284 KmsYes Mins-
69Rajkot (RJT)01:45 pm12:00 am2326 KmsYes Mins-
70Hapa (HAPA)03:50 pmDestination2402 KmsYes Mins-

02834 Santragachi - Hapa Ac Superfast Special Fare Special Route Map

Class3rd AC
Base Fare2300
Reservation Charges40
Superfast charges45
Fuel Charges0
Other Charges0
Catering Charges0
Dynamic Fare0
Total Fare2505

02834 Santragachi - Hapa Ac Superfast Special Fare Special News

Summer Special train between Hapa and Santragachi from April to July
For the convenience of passengers and to clear the extra rush during summer vacation, Western Railway will run special train between Hapa and Santragachi from April as per details -

Santragachi – Hapa Summer Special train
  • T...
06 Feb,2018
Winter AC special trains between Santragachi and Rajkot in December
To facilitate passengers for a comfort table journey South Eastern Railway will run the winter special trains between Santragachi and Rajkot from December 1 - February 25, 2018. The details of these are special weekly trains are given below -

01 Dec,2017