Dbrg - Mas Special (05906) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
05906 - Dbrg - Mas Special () ()
1Dibrugarh (DBRG)12:00 AM11:45 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2New Tinsukia Jn (NTSK)12:45 AM12:55 AM0 Mins41 KMs1
3Mariani Jn. (MXN)04:05 AM04:23 AM0 Mins198 KMs1
4Lumding Jn. (LMG)08:30 AM08:50 AM0 Mins375 KMs1
5Guwahati (GHY)02:40 PM03:00 PM0 Mins556 KMs1
6New Bongaigaon Jn (NBQ)06:50 PM07:00 PM0 Mins712 KMs1
7New Jalpaiguri Jn. (NJP)11:40 PM11:55 PM0 Mins964 KMs1
8Malda Town (MLDT)04:00 AM04:15 AM0 Mins1196 KMs1
9Rampur Hat (RPH)06:31 AM06:36 AM0 Mins1318 KMs1
10Andal Jn. (UDL)08:50 AM08:52 AM0 Mins1419 KMs1
11Durgapur (DGR)09:18 AM09:38 AM0 Mins1436 KMs1
12Asansol Jn. (ASN)10:20 AM10:35 AM0 Mins1479 KMs1
13Adra (ADRA)11:35 AM11:40 AM0 Mins1521 KMs1
14Bankura (BQA)12:15 PM12:17 PM0 Mins1574 KMs1
15Midnapore (MDN)01:45 PM01:47 PM0 Mins1676 KMs1
16Hijli (HIJ)02:50 PM02:55 PM0 Mins1695 KMs1
17Balasore (BLS)04:30 PM04:35 PM0 Mins1807 KMs1
18Bhadrakh (BHC)09:30 PM09:32 PM0 Mins1869 KMs1
19Cuttack (CTC)10:45 PM10:50 PM0 Mins1981 KMs1
20Bhubaneswar (BBS)11:30 PM11:35 PM0 Mins2008 KMs1
21Khurda Road Jn. (KUR)12:10 AM12:25 AM0 Mins2027 KMs1
22Brahmapur (BAM)02:04 AM02:06 AM0 Mins2174 KMs1
23Vizianagaram Jn. (VZM)05:20 AM05:35 AM0 Mins2390 KMs1
24Duvvada (DVD)07:28 AM07:30 AM0 Mins2468 KMs1
25Samalkot Jn. (SLO)09:20 AM09:22 AM0 Mins2601 KMs1
26Rajahmundry (RJY)10:10 AM10:12 AM0 Mins2652 KMs1
27Eluru (EE)11:05 AM11:07 AM0 Mins2741 KMs1
28Vijayawada Jn. (BZA)12:55 PM01:10 PM0 Mins2801 KMs1
29Ongole (OGL)03:05 PM03:07 PM0 Mins2939 KMs1
30Nellore (NLR)05:00 PM05:02 PM0 Mins3055 KMs1
31Chennai Central (MAS)10:45 PMDestination0 Mins3231 KMs1

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