Bsl Passenger (51182) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Bhusaval Jn.
51182 - Bsl PassengerBhusaval Jn. (BSL)Devlali (DVL)
1Bhusaval Jn. (BSL)12:00 AM05:45 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Bhadli (BDI)05:58 PM05:59 PM0 Mins12 KMs1
3Jalgaon (JL)06:08 PM06:10 PM0 Mins24 KMs1
4Shirsoli (SS)06:21 PM06:22 PM0 Mins35 KMs1
5Mhasavad (MWD)06:29 PM06:30 PM0 Mins45 KMs1
6Maheji (MYJ)06:37 PM06:38 PM0 Mins56 KMs1
7Pardhade (PHQ)06:43 PM06:44 PM0 Mins64 KMs1
8Pachora Jn. (PC)06:51 PM06:52 PM0 Mins71 KMs1
9Galan (GAA)07:01 PM07:02 PM0 Mins82 KMs1
10Nagardevla (NGD)07:07 PM07:08 PM0 Mins91 KMs1
11Kajgaon (KJ)07:14 PM07:15 PM0 Mins97 KMs1
12Vaghli (VGL)07:22 PM07:23 PM0 Mins107 KMs1
13Chalisgaon Jn (CSN)07:30 PM07:32 PM0 Mins116 KMs1
14Hirapur (HPR)07:49 PM07:50 PM0 Mins124 KMs1
15Naydongri (NI)08:04 PM08:05 PM0 Mins138 KMs1
16Pimpar Khed (PKE)08:13 PM08:14 PM0 Mins148 KMs1
17Nandgaon (NGN)08:23 PM08:24 PM0 Mins158 KMs1
18Panjhan (PJN)08:31 PM08:32 PM0 Mins165 KMs1
19Hisvahal (HSL)08:39 PM08:40 PM0 Mins170 KMs1
20Panevadi (PNV)08:46 PM08:47 PM0 Mins178 KMs1
21Manmad Jn. (MMR)08:55 PM09:00 PM0 Mins183 KMs1
22Summit (SUM)09:11 PM09:12 PM0 Mins194 KMs1
23Lasalgaon (LS)09:22 PM09:23 PM0 Mins208 KMs1
24Ugaon (UGN)09:29 PM09:30 PM0 Mins218 KMs1
25Niphad (NR)09:36 PM09:37 PM0 Mins225 KMs1
26Kasbe Sukene (KBSN)09:42 PM09:43 PM0 Mins231 KMs1
27Khervadi (KW)09:49 PM09:50 PM0 Mins238 KMs1
28Odha (ODHA)09:59 PM10:00 PM0 Mins245 KMs1
29Nasik Road (NK)10:10 PM10:15 PM0 Mins257 KMs1
30Devlali (DVL)11:00 PMDestination0 Mins262 KMs1

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