Mao Passenger (00516) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
00516 - Mao Passenger () ()
1Madgaon (MAO)12:00 AM08:00 AM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Suravali (h) (SRVX)08:10 AM08:11 AM0 Mins6 KMs1
3Majorda (MJO)08:17 AM08:18 AM0 Mins10 KMs1
4Verna (VEN)08:25 AM08:26 AM0 Mins17 KMs1
5Karmali (KRMI)09:01 AM09:02 AM0 Mins40 KMs1
6Thivim (THVM)09:16 AM09:17 AM0 Mins64 KMs1
7Pernem (PERN)09:30 AM09:31 AM0 Mins79 KMs1
8Madure (h) (MADR)09:46 AM09:47 AM0 Mins99 KMs1
9Sawantwadi Road (SWV)10:00 AM10:01 AM0 Mins110 KMs1
10Zarap (ZARP)10:16 AM10:17 AM0 Mins124 KMs1
11Kudal (KUDL)10:29 AM10:30 AM0 Mins139 KMs1
12Sindhudurg (SNDD)10:40 AM10:41 AM0 Mins153 KMs1
13Kankavli (KKW)11:00 AM11:01 AM0 Mins178 KMs1
14Nandgaon Road (NAN)11:25 AM11:26 AM0 Mins200 KMs1
15Vaibhavwadi Road (VBW)11:42 AM11:43 AM0 Mins221 KMs1
16Rajapur Road (RAJP)12:07 PM12:08 PM0 Mins245 KMs1
17Vilavade (VID)12:24 PM12:25 PM0 Mins268 KMs1
18Adavali (ADVI)12:41 PM12:42 PM0 Mins290 KMs1
19Nivasar (NIV)12:56 PM12:57 PM0 Mins312 KMs1
20Ratnagiri (RN)01:15 PM01:45 PM0 Mins334 KMs1
21Bhoke (BOKE)01:56 PM01:57 PM0 Mins344 KMs1
22Ukshi (UKC)02:14 PM02:15 PM0 Mins361 KMs1
23Sangmeshwar (SGR)02:30 PM02:31 PM0 Mins381 KMs1
24Aravali Road (AVRD)03:21 PM03:22 PM0 Mins400 KMs1
25Savarda (SVX)03:35 PM03:36 PM0 Mins414 KMs1
26Kamathe (KMAH)03:46 PM03:47 PM0 Mins426 KMs1
27Chiplun (CHI)03:58 PM04:00 PM0 Mins440 KMs1
28Anjani (ANO)04:17 PM04:18 PM0 Mins463 KMs1
29Khed (KHED)04:45 PM05:00 PM0 Mins481 KMs1
30Diwan Khavati (DWV)05:19 PM05:20 PM0 Mins506 KMs1
31Vinhere (VINH)05:35 PM05:36 PM0 Mins517 KMs1
32Karanjadi (KFD)05:54 PM05:55 PM0 Mins531 KMs1
33Sape-wamne (h) (SAPE)06:05 PM06:06 PM0 Mins542 KMs1
34Veer (VEER)07:00 PM07:01 PM0 Mins553 KMs1
35Goregaon Road (h) (GNO)07:10 PM07:11 PM0 Mins562 KMs1
36Mangaon (MNI)07:23 PM07:24 PM0 Mins577 KMs1
37Indapur (h) (INP)07:35 PM07:36 PM0 Mins586 KMs1
38Kolad (KOL)08:00 PM08:01 PM0 Mins601 KMs1
39Roha (ROHA)09:05 PM09:10 PM0 Mins619 KMs1
40Panvel (PNVL)10:30 PMDestination0 Mins696 KMs1

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