58026 - Hatia Kharagpur Passenger
Hatia (HTE) Kharagpur Jn (KGP)

58026 - Passenger Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Hatia (HTE)Source09:00 am0 KmsYes Mins15 Mins
2Ranchi (RNC)09:15 am09:20 am6 KmsYes Mins14 Mins
3Namkon (NKM)09:29 am09:30 am11 KmsYes Mins24 Mins
4Tatisilwai (TIS)09:39 am09:40 am17 KmsYes Mins20 Mins
5Gangaghat (GAG)09:50 am09:51 am27 KmsYes Mins20 Mins
6Jonha (JON)10:04 am10:05 am37 KmsYes Mins21 Mins
7Kita (KITA)10:25 am10:26 am54 KmsYes Mins18 Mins
8Silli (SLF)10:37 am10:38 am62 KmsYes Mins19 Mins
9Muri (MURI)10:50 am10:55 am68 KmsYes Mins21 Mins
10Tulin (THO)11:06 am11:07 am73 KmsYes Mins19 Mins
11Jhalida (JAA)11:19 am11:20 am81 KmsYes Mins17 Mins
12Begunkodar (BKDR)11:31 am11:32 am86 KmsYes Mins-
13Kotshila (KSX)11:47 am11:48 am92 KmsYes Mins-
14Garh Jaipur (GUG)11:56 am11:57 am100 KmsYes Mins-
15Chas Road (CAS)12:04 pm12:05 pm107 KmsYes Mins-
16Gourinathdham (GTD)12:11 pm12:12 pm114 KmsYes Mins-
17Purulia (PRR)12:35 pm12:55 pm129 KmsYes Mins-
18Chharra (CHRA)01:01 pm01:02 pm136 KmsYes Mins-
19Kushtaur (KSU)01:07 pm01:08 pm140 KmsYes Mins-
20Bagalia (BGA)01:15 pm01:16 pm149 KmsYes Mins-
21Anara (ANR)01:27 pm01:28 pm154 KmsYes Mins-
22Garh Dhrubeswar (GRB)01:38 pm01:39 pm161 KmsYes Mins-
23Adra (ADRA)01:55 pm02:15 pm168 KmsYes Mins-
24Metyal Sohar (MYX)02:26 pm02:27 pm176 KmsYes Mins-
25Indrabil (IBL)02:33 pm02:34 pm182 KmsYes Mins-
26Sirjam (SRJM)02:41 pm02:42 pm189 KmsYes Mins-
27Jhantipahari (JPH)02:50 pm02:51 pm198 KmsYes Mins-
28Chhatna (CJN)02:59 pm03:00 pm207 KmsYes Mins-
29Anchuri (ANCR)03:04 pm03:05 pm211 KmsYes Mins-
30Bankura (BQA)03:15 pm03:20 pm221 KmsYes Mins-
31Bheduasol (BXL)03:26 pm03:27 pm229 KmsYes Mins-
32Ondagram (ODM)03:36 pm03:37 pm237 KmsYes Mins-
33Ramsagar (RSG)03:45 pm03:46 pm246 KmsYes Mins-
34Bishnupur (VSU)03:51 pm03:52 pm251 KmsYes Mins-
35Piardoba (PBA)04:06 pm04:07 pm264 KmsYes Mins-
36Bogri Road (BGO)04:14 pm04:15 pm272 KmsYes Mins-
37Garhbeta (GBA)04:20 pm04:21 pm276 KmsYes Mins-
38Chandrakona Rd (CDGR)04:31 pm04:32 pm288 KmsYes Mins-
39Salboni (SLB)04:42 pm04:43 pm299 KmsYes Mins-
40Godapiasal (GSL)04:54 pm04:55 pm312 KmsYes Mins-
41Midnapore (MDN)05:15 pm05:20 pm323 KmsYes Mins-
42Gokulpur (GKL)05:30 pm05:31 pm330 KmsYes Mins-
43Girimaidan (GMDN)05:38 pm05:39 pm334 KmsYes Mins-
44Kharagpur (KGP)05:55 pmDestination336 KmsYes Mins-

58026 Hatia Kharagpur Passenger Route Map

58026 Hatia Kharagpur Passenger News

Special train between Adra and Midnapur for one trip
 South Eastern Railway children one passenger special train between Adra and Midnapur. This train will run on the route of 58026 Hatia-Kharagpur passenger. As 58026 Hatia-Kharagpur passenger will remain cancelled on November 17, 18 and 19 due to...
14 Nov,2017