56237 - Mysuru - Ksr Bengaluru Passenger

Mysuru Jn (MYS) Ksr Bengaluru (SBC)

56237 - Mys Passenger Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Mysuru (MYS)Source02:45 pm0 KmsYes Mins-
2Naganahalli (NHY)02:54 pm02:55 pm8 KmsYes Mins-
3Shrirangapatna (S)03:00 pm03:01 pm15 KmsYes Mins-
4Pandavapura (PANP)03:08 pm03:09 pm19 KmsYes Mins-
5Chandagirikopal (CGKR)03:13 pm03:14 pm23 KmsYes Mins-
6Byadarahalli (BDRL)03:18 pm03:19 pm28 KmsYes Mins-
7Yeliyur (Y)03:26 pm03:27 pm37 KmsYes Mins-
8Mandya (MYA)03:36 pm03:37 pm45 KmsYes Mins-
9Hanakere (HNK)03:46 pm03:47 pm55 KmsYes Mins-
10Maddur (MAD)03:56 pm03:57 pm64 KmsYes Mins-
11Nidaghatta (NXH)04:01 pm04:02 pm69 KmsYes Mins-
12Nidaghatta (NZH)04:20 pm04:21 pm70 KmsYes Mins-
13Settihally (SET)04:08 pm04:09 pm75 KmsYes Mins-
14Channapatna (CPT)04:16 pm04:17 pm82 KmsYes Mins-
15Ramanagaram (RMGM)04:29 pm04:30 pm93 KmsYes Mins-
16Ketohalli (KHLL)04:35 pm04:36 pm101 KmsYes Mins-
17Bidadi (BID)04:44 pm04:45 pm108 KmsYes Mins-
18Hejjala (HJL)04:49 pm04:50 pm115 KmsYes Mins-
19Kengeri (KGI)04:58 pm05:00 pm126 KmsYes Mins-
20ana Bharati Halt (GNB)05:04 pm05:05 pm129 KmsYes Mins-
21Nayandahalli (NYH)05:09 pm05:10 pm130 KmsYes Mins-
22Krishnadevaraya Halt (KNDV)05:14 pm05:15 pm133 KmsYes Mins-
23Ksr Bengaluru (SBC)06:00 pmDestination138 KmsYes Mins-

56237 Mysuru - Ksr Bengaluru Passenger Route Map

56237 Mysuru - Ksr Bengaluru Passenger News

Palahalli Halt to continue as stoppage for this train passenger train
Earlier South Western railway has announced Palahalli Halt as a stoppage for train number 56237 / 38 Mysuru - KSR Bengaluru - Mysuru Passenger on a experimental basis for 6 months. Now after 6 months railway has received good response from passe...
19 Jan,2018
Palahalli to become permanent stoppage for Mysuru - Bengaluru Passenger

South Western Railway has made Palahalli a permanent stoppage for train number 56237 / 56238 Mysuru - KSR Bengaluru - Mysuru after completion of six months as experimental stoppage. However, after January 9, 2018 Southern Railway will once again r...

17 Jul,2017