19332 - Indore - Kochuveli Express
Indore Jn Bg (INDB) Kochuveli (KCVL)

19332 - Indb Kcvl Express Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Indore Bg (INDB)Source09:00 pm0 KmsYes Mins-
2Dewas (DWX)09:41 pm09:43 pm39 KmsYes Mins-
3Ujjain (UJN)10:30 pm10:35 pm80 KmsYes Mins-
4Nagda (NAD)11:40 pm11:42 pm135 KmsYes Mins2 Mins
5Ratlam (RTM)12:20 am12:25 am176 KmsYes Mins2 Mins
6Dahod (DHD)01:52 am01:54 am289 KmsYes Mins13 Mins
7Godhra (GDA)03:38 am03:40 am364 KmsYes Mins-
8Vadodara (BRC)04:40 am04:50 am438 KmsYes Mins3 Mins
9Surat (ST)06:37 am06:42 am567 KmsYes Mins-
10Vapi (VAPI)07:51 am07:53 am659 KmsYes Mins5 Mins
11Boisar (BOR)10:08 am10:10 am730 KmsYes Mins3 Mins
12Vasai Road (BSR)11:15 am11:20 am782 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
13Panvel (PNVL)01:10 pm01:15 pm849 KmsYes Mins-
14Roha (ROHA)02:45 pm02:50 pm926 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
15Chiplun (CHI)04:54 pm04:56 pm1105 KmsYes Mins51 Mins
16Ratnagiri (RN)06:50 pm06:55 pm1211 KmsYes Mins64 Mins
17Kudal (KUDL)09:10 pm09:12 pm1406 KmsYes Mins96 Mins
18Thivim (THVM)10:08 pm10:10 pm1481 KmsYes Mins-
19Madgaon (MAO)11:25 pm11:35 pm1545 KmsYes Mins-
20Karwar (KAWR)12:28 am12:30 am1627 KmsYes Mins-
21Udupi (UD)04:00 am04:02 am1895 KmsYes Mins-
22Mangaluru (MAJN)06:05 am06:15 am1976 KmsYes Mins-
23Kasaragod (KGQ)06:53 am06:55 am2027 KmsYes Mins-
24Kannur (CAN)08:22 am08:25 am2113 KmsYes Mins-
25Kozhikkode (CLT)09:47 am09:50 am2202 KmsYes Mins-
26Shoranur (SRR)11:30 am11:40 am2288 KmsYes Mins-
27Thrisur (TCR)12:23 pm12:25 pm2321 KmsYes Mins-
28Aluva (AWY)01:33 pm01:35 pm2376 KmsYes Mins-
29Ernakulam (ERS)02:05 pm02:10 pm2395 KmsYes Mins-
30Alleppey (ALLP)03:20 pm03:23 pm2452 KmsYes Mins-
31Kayankulam (KYJ)04:08 pm04:10 pm2495 KmsYes Mins-
32Kollam (QLN)05:07 pm05:10 pm2536 KmsYes Mins-
33Kochuveli (KCVL)06:40 pmDestination2594 KmsYes Mins-

19332 Indore - Kochuveli Express Route Map

Date2nd AC3rd ACSleeperUpdatedRefresh
28 Oct, 2020 (Wed) NeverCheck
4 Nov, 2020 (Wed) NeverCheck

19332 Indore - Kochuveli Express News

Timings of Amritsar - Mumbai Central Golden Temple Mail and Indore – Kochuveli Weekly Express changed; details here

Western Railway has made partial timing changes in the current time schedule of train number 12904 Amritsar - Mumbai Central Golden Temple Mail and 19332 Indore – Kochuveli Weekly Express. The new time will be applicable from August 4, 2017, ...

05 Apr,2017