19224 - JammuTawi - Ahmedabad Express
जम्मूतवी अहमदाबाद एक्स.
Jammu Tawi (JAT) Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)

19224 - Jat Adi Express Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Jammu Tawi (JAT)Source07:50 am0 KmsYes 0 Mins1103 Mins
2Bari Brahman (BBMN)08:01 am08:03 am9 KmsYes 2 Mins118 Mins
3Vijiypur Jammu (VJPJ)08:14 am08:16 am21 KmsYes 2 Mins121 Mins
4Samba (SMBX)08:29 am08:31 am33 KmsYes 2 Mins123 Mins
5Ghagwal (GHGL)08:40 am08:42 am42 KmsYes 2 Mins126 Mins
6Hira Nagar (HRNR)08:48 am08:50 am48 KmsYes 2 Mins129 Mins
7Chakdayala (CKDL)08:56 am08:57 am51 KmsYes 1 Mins1-
8Chhan Arorian (CHNR)09:02 am09:04 am57 KmsYes 2 Mins132 Mins
9Budhi (BDHY)09:13 am09:14 am64 KmsYes 1 Mins134 Mins
10Kathua (KTHU)09:25 am09:27 am77 KmsYes 2 Mins139 Mins
11Madhopur Punjab (MDPB)09:39 am09:41 am85 KmsYes 2 Mins140 Mins
12Sujanpur (SJNP)09:49 am09:51 am92 KmsYes 2 Mins142 Mins
13Bharoli (BHRL)09:59 am10:01 am97 KmsYes 2 Mins143 Mins
14Pathankot (PTK)10:25 am10:55 am100 KmsYes 30 Mins124 Mins
15Pathankot Cantt (PTKC)11:02 am11:04 am104 KmsYes 2 Mins128 Mins
16Mirthal (MRTL)11:22 am11:23 am124 KmsYes 1 Mins131 Mins
17Mukerian (MEX)11:40 am11:42 am143 KmsYes 2 Mins134 Mins
18Dasuya (DZA)11:58 am12:00 pm159 KmsYes 2 Mins134 Mins
19Tanda Urmar (TDO)12:13 pm12:15 pm174 KmsYes 2 Mins137 Mins
20Bhogpur Sirwal (BPRS)12:32 pm12:33 pm186 KmsYes Mins38 Mins
21Jalandhar City (JUC)01:20 pm01:25 pm216 KmsYes 5 Mins124 Mins
22Kapurthala (KXH)01:48 pm01:50 pm236 KmsYes 2 Mins131 Mins
23Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory (RCF)01:59 pm02:00 pm241 KmsYes Mins-
24Sultanpur Lodi (SQR)02:18 pm02:20 pm261 KmsYes 2 Mins135 Mins
25Lohian Khas (LNK)02:30 pm02:32 pm267 KmsYes 2 Mins136 Mins
26Makhu (MXH)02:54 pm02:56 pm292 KmsYes 2 Mins142 Mins
27Mallanwala Khas (MWX)03:12 pm03:14 pm309 KmsYes 2 Mins145 Mins
28Firozpur Cant (FZR)04:00 pm04:25 pm333 KmsYes 25 Mins125 Mins
29Faridkot (FDK)04:50 pm04:52 pm365 KmsYes 2 Mins133 Mins
30Kot Kapura (KKP)05:07 pm05:09 pm378 KmsYes 2 Mins135 Mins
31Gangsar Jaitu (GJUT)05:26 pm05:27 pm394 KmsYes 1 Mins135 Mins
32Bhatinda (BTI)06:25 pm06:40 pm421 KmsYes 15 Mins115 Mins
33Mandi Dabwali (MBY)07:13 pm07:15 pm456 KmsYes 2 Mins123 Mins
34Sangaria (SGRA)07:43 pm07:45 pm486 KmsYes 2 Mins122 Mins
35Hanumangarh (HMH)08:15 pm08:20 pm513 KmsYes 5 Mins125 Mins
36Pili Bangan (PGK)08:41 pm08:43 pm538 KmsYes 2 Mins133 Mins
37Suratgarh (SOG)09:20 pm09:25 pm563 KmsYes 5 Mins126 Mins
38Lunkaransar (LKS)10:46 pm10:48 pm665 KmsYes 2 Mins131 Mins
39Lalgarh (LGH)11:48 pm11:50 pm741 KmsYes 2 Mins134 Mins
40Bikaner (BKN)12:35 am12:45 am744 KmsYes 10 Mins22 Mins
41Deshnok (DSO)01:09 am01:11 am777 KmsYes 2 Mins234 Mins
42Nokha (NOK)01:36 am01:38 am809 KmsYes 2 Mins241 Mins
43Nagaur (NGO)02:19 am02:24 am860 KmsYes 5 Mins252 Mins
44Marwar Mundwa (MDW)02:37 am02:39 am878 KmsYes 2 Mins257 Mins
45Merta Road (MTD)03:33 am03:38 am917 KmsYes 5 Mins244 Mins
46Gotan (GOTN)03:53 am03:55 am938 KmsYes 2 Mins249 Mins
47Pipar Road (PPR)04:23 am04:25 am974 KmsYes 2 Mins258 Mins
48Raika Bagh (RKB)05:09 am05:11 am1019 KmsYes 2 Mins251 Mins
49Jodhpur (JU)05:35 am05:55 am1021 KmsYes 20 Mins242 Mins
50Luni (LUNI)06:23 am06:26 am1053 KmsYes 3 Mins248 Mins
51Pali Marwar (PMY)07:09 am07:14 am1094 KmsYes 5 Mins236 Mins
52Marwar (MJ)08:07 am08:10 am1125 KmsYes 3 Mins222 Mins
53Falna (FA)08:56 am08:58 am1191 KmsYes 2 Mins237 Mins
54Abu Road (ABR)10:40 am10:50 am1290 KmsYes 10 Mins230 Mins
55Palanpur (PNU)12:15 pm12:17 pm1343 KmsYes 2 Mins222 Mins
56Siddhpur (SID)12:38 pm12:40 pm1372 KmsYes 2 Mins238 Mins
57Unjha (UJA)12:56 pm12:58 pm1386 KmsYes 2 Mins250 Mins
58Mahesana (MSH)01:29 pm01:31 pm1408 KmsYes 2 Mins250 Mins
59Sabarmati Bg (SBIB)02:20 pm02:22 pm1470 KmsYes 2 Mins250 Mins
60Ahmedabad (ADI)03:00 pm12:00 am1477 KmsYes 0 Mins233 Mins

19224 JammuTawi - Ahmedabad Express Route Map

Date2nd AC3rd ACSleeperUpdatedRefresh
18 Jan, 2019 (Fri) NeverCheck
19 Jan, 2019 (Sat)Waitinglist 7 Waitinglist 21 RAC 80 13 Days agoRefresh
20 Jan, 2019 (Sun)Waitinglist 3 Waitinglist 24 RAC 18 13 Days agoRefresh
21 Jan, 2019 (Mon)RAC 1 Waitinglist 4 Available 0111 13 Days agoRefresh
22 Jan, 2019 (Tue)Waitinglist 10 RAC 16 Available 0108 13 Days agoRefresh
23 Jan, 2019 (Wed)Waitinglist 2 Waitinglist 14 Available 0092 13 Days agoRefresh
24 Jan, 2019 (Thu)Waitinglist 8 Waitinglist 11 RAC 64 13 Days agoRefresh
25 Jan, 2019 (Fri) NeverCheck
26 Jan, 2019 (Sat)Waitinglist 7 Waitinglist 16 Available 0071 13 Days agoRefresh
27 Jan, 2019 (Sun)Waitinglist 10 Waitinglist 25 Available 0030 13 Days agoRefresh
28 Jan, 2019 (Mon)RAC 2 RAC 7 Available 0178 13 Days agoRefresh
Class2nd AC3rd ACSleeper
Base Fare21691474570
Reservation Charges504020
Superfast charges000
Fuel Charges000
Other Charges000
Catering Charges000
Dynamic Fare000
Total Fare23301590590

19224 JammuTawi - Ahmedabad Express News

19224 Jammutawi Ahemadabad Express diverted from Mahesana Jn

A total of three trains were diverted on October 17, 2016 including one express train and two passenger train -

  • 19224    JAT ADI EXPRESS - Source - Jammutawi  || Destination - Ahmedabad || Diverted From - Mahe...
17 Oct,2016