14321 - Ala Hazrat Express

Bareilly (BE) Bhuj (BHUJ)

14321 - Be Bhuj Express Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Bareilly (BE)Source06:35 am0 KmsYes 0 Mins13 Mins
2Milak (MIL)07:10 am07:11 am40 KmsYes 1 Mins111 Mins
3Rampur (RMU)07:33 am07:35 am64 KmsYes 2 Mins116 Mins
4Moradabad (MB)08:13 am08:18 am91 KmsYes 5 Mins111 Mins
5Amroha (AMRO)08:45 am08:47 am122 KmsYes 2 Mins120 Mins
6Gajraula (GJL)09:09 am09:10 am145 KmsYes 1 Mins118 Mins
7Hapur (HPU)09:53 am09:55 am195 KmsYes 2 Mins119 Mins
8Pilkhua (PKW)10:08 am10:10 am206 KmsYes 2 Mins121 Mins
9Ghaziabad (GZB)10:48 am10:50 am232 KmsYes 2 Mins123 Mins
10Delhi (DLI)11:40 am11:50 am252 KmsYes 10 Mins130 Mins
11Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)12:04 pm12:05 pm256 KmsYes 1 Mins137 Mins
12Delhi Cantt (DEC)12:22 pm12:24 pm266 KmsYes 2 Mins140 Mins
13Palam (PM)12:30 pm12:32 pm269 KmsYes 2 Mins141 Mins
14Gurgaon (GGN)12:45 pm12:47 pm283 KmsYes 2 Mins144 Mins
15Garhi Harsaru (GHH)12:57 pm12:58 pm293 KmsYes 1 Mins146 Mins
16Pataudi Road (PTRD)01:13 pm01:15 pm313 KmsYes 2 Mins148 Mins
17Rewari (RE)01:50 pm01:52 pm334 KmsYes 2 Mins140 Mins
18Khairthal (KRH)02:29 pm02:30 pm382 KmsYes 1 Mins157 Mins
19Alwar (AWR)02:52 pm02:55 pm408 KmsYes 3 Mins159 Mins
20Malakhera (MKH)03:10 pm03:11 pm428 KmsYes 1 Mins164 Mins
21Rajgarh (RHG)03:24 pm03:25 pm444 KmsYes 1 Mins170 Mins
22Bandikui (BKI)03:50 pm03:54 pm469 KmsYes 4 Mins176 Mins
23Dausa (DO)04:12 pm04:14 pm498 KmsYes 2 Mins180 Mins
24Getor Jagatpura (GTJT)04:48 pm04:49 pm548 KmsYes 1 Mins189 Mins
25Gandhinagar Jpr (GADJ)04:54 pm04:56 pm554 KmsYes 2 Mins190 Mins
26Jaipur (JP)05:20 pm05:30 pm559 KmsYes 10 Mins172 Mins
27Phulera (FL)06:20 pm06:22 pm614 KmsYes 2 Mins180 Mins
28Naraina (NRI)06:32 pm06:33 pm624 KmsYes 1 Mins184 Mins
29Kishangarh (KSG)07:05 pm07:07 pm668 KmsYes 2 Mins188 Mins
30Ajmer (AII)08:05 pm08:15 pm694 KmsYes 10 Mins163 Mins
31Beawar (BER)08:56 pm08:58 pm746 KmsYes 2 Mins171 Mins
32Marwar (MJ)10:13 pm10:15 pm834 KmsYes 2 Mins171 Mins
33Falna (FA)10:58 pm11:00 pm900 KmsYes 2 Mins170 Mins
34Abu Road (ABR)01:25 am01:35 am999 KmsYes 10 Mins245 Mins
35Palanpur (PNU)02:47 am02:50 am1051 KmsYes 3 Mins238 Mins
36Disa (DISA)03:11 am03:13 am1079 KmsYes 2 Mins237 Mins
37Bhildi (BLDI)03:29 am03:31 am1097 KmsYes 2 Mins237 Mins
38Diyodar (DEOR)03:51 am03:53 am1123 KmsYes 2 Mins245 Mins
39Radhanpur (RDHP)04:23 am04:25 am1165 KmsYes 2 Mins253 Mins
40Santalpur (SNLR)04:55 am04:57 am1208 KmsYes 2 Mins260 Mins
41Samakhiali B G (SIOB)06:38 am06:40 am1299 KmsYes 2 Mins243 Mins
42Bhachau Bg (BCOB)06:56 am06:58 am1315 KmsYes 2 Mins247 Mins
43Gandhidham Bg (GIMB)07:40 am08:10 am1352 KmsYes 30 Mins248 Mins
44Adipur (AI)08:18 am08:20 am1361 KmsYes 2 Mins254 Mins
45Anjar (AJE)08:30 am08:32 am1368 KmsYes 2 Mins255 Mins
46Bhuj (BHUJ)09:30 amDestination1410 KmsYes 0 Mins238 Mins

14321 Ala Hazrat Express Route Map

Date2nd AC3rd ACSleeperUpdatedRefresh
22 Aug, 2019 (Thu) NeverCheck
24 Aug, 2019 (Sat) NeverCheck
26 Aug, 2019 (Mon) NeverCheck
27 Aug, 2019 (Tue) NeverCheck
29 Aug, 2019 (Thu) NeverCheck
31 Aug, 2019 (Sat) NeverCheck
Class2nd AC3rd ACSleeper
Base Fare20971426550
Reservation Charges504020
Superfast charges000
Fuel Charges000
Other Charges000
Catering Charges000
Dynamic Fare000
Total Fare22551540570