12815 - Nandan Kanan Express
पुरी नई दिल्ली एक्सप्रेस
Puri (PURI) Anand Vihar Trm (ANVT)

12815 - Nandan Kanan Express Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Puri (PURI)Source10:55 am0 KmsYes 0 Mins179 Mins
2Khurda Road (KUR)11:40 am11:45 am44 KmsYes 5 Mins119 Mins
3Bhubaneswar (BBS)12:13 pm12:18 pm63 KmsYes 5 Mins117 Mins
4Cuttack (CTC)12:53 pm12:58 pm91 KmsYes 5 Mins127 Mins
5Jajpur K Road (JJKR)01:55 pm01:57 pm163 KmsYes 2 Mins135 Mins
6Bhadrak (BHC)02:43 pm02:45 pm206 KmsYes 2 Mins138 Mins
7Balasore (BLS)03:30 pm03:35 pm268 KmsYes 5 Mins132 Mins
8Jaleswar (JER)04:08 pm04:09 pm316 KmsYes 1 Mins142 Mins
9Hijli (HIJ)04:55 pm05:05 pm380 KmsYes 10 Mins144 Mins
10Kharagpur (KGP)05:25 pm05:35 pm386 KmsYes Mins-
11Midnapore (MDN)06:18 pm06:20 pm403 KmsYes 2 Mins127 Mins
12Bishnupur (VSU)07:14 pm07:16 pm475 KmsYes 2 Mins133 Mins
13Bankura (BQA)07:40 pm07:45 pm505 KmsYes 5 Mins135 Mins
14Adra (ADRA)08:35 pm08:40 pm559 KmsYes 5 Mins129 Mins
15Bhojudih (BJE)09:11 pm09:13 pm588 KmsYes 2 Mins135 Mins
16Bhaga (VAA)09:40 pm09:42 pm599 KmsYes 2 Mins136 Mins
17Mahuda (MHQ)10:15 pm10:17 pm619 KmsYes 2 Mins134 Mins
18Nsc Bose J Gomo (GMO)11:05 pm11:15 pm639 KmsYes 10 Mins124 Mins
19Parasnath (PNME)11:31 pm11:36 pm657 KmsYes 5 Mins136 Mins
20Koderma (KQR)12:27 am12:30 am733 KmsYes 3 Mins238 Mins
21Gaya (GAYA)02:05 am02:10 am809 KmsYes 5 Mins225 Mins
22Dehri On Sone (DOS)03:06 am03:08 am894 KmsYes 2 Mins246 Mins
23Sasaram (SSM)03:23 am03:25 am912 KmsYes 2 Mins249 Mins
24Mughal Sarai (MGS)05:05 am05:15 am1024 KmsYes Mins25 Mins
25Mirzapur (MZP)06:23 am06:28 am1075 KmsYes 5 Mins260 Mins
26Allahabad (ALD)07:45 am07:50 am1164 KmsYes 5 Mins2119 Mins
27Fatehpur (FTP)09:06 am09:08 am1281 KmsYes 2 Mins2179 Mins
28Kanpur Central (CNB)10:20 am10:30 am1359 KmsYes 10 Mins2197 Mins
29Aligarh (ALJN)02:15 pm02:20 pm1666 KmsYes 5 Mins2314 Mins
30Anand Vihar (ANVT)05:05 pm12:00 am1785 KmsYes 0 Mins2269 Mins
31New Delhi (NDLS)05:05 pmDestination1819 KmsYes Mins-

12815 Nandan Kanan Express Route Map

Date2nd AC3rd ACSleeperUpdatedRefresh
19 Jan, 2019 (Sat)RAC 4 Available 0002 Waitinglist 102 3 Days agoRefresh
21 Jan, 2019 (Mon)Available 0004 Available 0071 Waitinglist 66 3 Days agoRefresh
23 Jan, 2019 (Wed)RAC 2 Available 0012 TRAINCANCELLED 3 Days agoRefresh
24 Jan, 2019 (Thu)RAC 5 Available 0077 Waitinglist 61 3 Days agoRefresh
26 Jan, 2019 (Sat)Waitinglist 2 Waitinglist 39 Waitinglist 67 3 Days agoRefresh
28 Jan, 2019 (Mon)Waitinglist 5 RAC 14 Available 0110 38 Days agoRefresh
Class3rd ACSleeper2nd AC
Base Fare16626452452
Reservation Charges402050
Superfast charges453045
Fuel Charges000
Other Charges000
Catering Charges000
Dynamic Fare000
Total Fare18356952675

12815 Nandan Kanan Express News

Change in Terminal station for Neelachal and Nandankanan Express
Railway has changed terminal station for train number  12815/12816 Puri-New Delhi - Puri Nandankanan Express and train number 12875 / 12876 Puri-New Delhi-Puri Neelachal Express to Anand Vihar Terminal station effective from May 21.

24 May,2018
नीलांचल और नंदन कानन एक्सप्रेस के टर्मिनल स्टेशन में बदलाव
गाड़ी संख्या 12875/12876 पुरी- नई दिल्ली-पुरी नीलांचल एक्सप्रेस और 12815/12816 पुरी- नई दिल्ली- पुरी नंदन कानन ए...
23 Jan,2018
Terminal station of Neelanchal and Nandan Kanan Express changed from May
Terminal Station for train number 12875 / 12876 Puri - New Delhi - Puri Neelanchal Express and Train number 12815 / 12816 Puri - New Delhi - Pri Nandan Kanan Express has been changed to Anand Vihar Terminal from New Delhi. This change will be effecti...
23 Jan,2018