12656 - Navjeevan Express

Mgr Chennai Ctl (MAS) Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)

12656 - Navajivan Express Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Mgr Chennai Ctl (MAS)Source09:35 am0 KmsYes 0 Mins11 Mins
2Sullurupeta (SPE)10:49 am10:50 am83 KmsYes 1 Mins117 Mins
3Gudur (GDR)11:40 am11:45 am138 KmsYes 5 Mins119 Mins
4Nellore (NLR)12:19 pm12:20 pm176 KmsYes 1 Mins119 Mins
5Kavali (KVZ)12:49 pm12:50 pm227 KmsYes 1 Mins138 Mins
6Ongole (OGL)01:49 pm01:50 pm292 KmsYes 1 Mins126 Mins
7Chirala (CLX)02:22 pm02:23 pm342 KmsYes 1 Mins141 Mins
8Bapatla (BPP)02:43 pm02:44 pm357 KmsYes 1 Mins137 Mins
9Tenali (TEL)03:23 pm03:24 pm399 KmsYes 1 Mins132 Mins
10Vijayawada (BZA)04:30 pm04:40 pm431 KmsYes 10 Mins18 Mins
11Khammam (KMT)05:54 pm05:56 pm530 KmsYes 2 Mins129 Mins
12Mahbubabad (MABD)06:41 pm06:42 pm577 KmsYes 1 Mins134 Mins
13Warangal (WL)08:00 pm08:05 pm638 KmsYes 5 Mins118 Mins
14Manchiryal (MCI)09:34 pm09:35 pm752 KmsYes 1 Mins133 Mins
15Sirpur Kagazngr (SKZR)10:29 pm10:30 pm810 KmsYes 1 Mins133 Mins
16Balharshah (BPQ)12:05 am12:10 am880 KmsYes 5 Mins210 Mins
17Chandrapur (CD)12:38 am12:39 am894 KmsYes 1 Mins214 Mins
18Warora (WRR)01:19 am01:20 am940 KmsYes 1 Mins214 Mins
19Hinganghat (HGT)01:43 am01:44 am978 KmsYes 1 Mins222 Mins
20Wardha (WR)02:31 am02:34 am1013 KmsYes 3 Mins216 Mins
21Pulgaon (PLO)02:59 am03:00 am1042 KmsYes 1 Mins217 Mins
22Dhamangaon (DMN)03:14 am03:15 am1062 KmsYes 1 Mins217 Mins
23Badnera (BD)04:15 am04:20 am1108 KmsYes 5 Mins27 Mins
24Murtajapur (MZR)04:48 am04:50 am1149 KmsYes 2 Mins214 Mins
25Akola (AK)05:15 am05:20 am1187 KmsYes 5 Mins220 Mins
26Shegaon (SEG)05:49 am05:50 am1224 KmsYes 1 Mins224 Mins
27Nandura (NN)06:09 am06:10 am1248 KmsYes 1 Mins228 Mins
28Malkapur (MKU)06:29 am06:30 am1276 KmsYes 1 Mins238 Mins
29Bhusaval (BSL)07:55 am08:00 am1326 KmsYes 5 Mins215 Mins
30Jalgaon (JL)08:44 am08:45 am1351 KmsYes 1 Mins214 Mins
31Dharangaon (DXG)09:29 am09:30 am1381 KmsYes 1 Mins210 Mins
32Amalner (AN)09:53 am09:55 am1406 KmsYes 2 Mins210 Mins
33Sindkheda (SNK)10:35 am10:36 am1447 KmsYes 1 Mins213 Mins
34Dondaicha (DDE)10:53 am10:54 am1467 KmsYes 1 Mins210 Mins
35Nandurbar (NDB)11:30 am11:35 am1501 KmsYes 5 Mins214 Mins
36Vyara (VYA)01:09 pm01:10 pm1601 KmsYes 1 Mins26 Mins
37Udhna (UDN)02:09 pm02:10 pm1657 KmsYes 1 Mins218 Mins
38Surat (ST)02:25 pm02:35 pm1661 KmsYes 10 Mins246 Mins
39Ankleshwar (AKV)03:10 pm03:11 pm1711 KmsYes 1 Mins222 Mins
40Vadodara (BRC)04:21 pm04:26 pm1790 KmsYes 5 Mins229 Mins
41Anand (ANND)04:57 pm04:58 pm1826 KmsYes 1 Mins239 Mins
42Nadiad (ND)05:19 pm05:20 pm1844 KmsYes 1 Mins220 Mins
43Maninagar (MAN)06:06 pm06:07 pm1887 KmsYes 1 Mins2-
44Ahmedabad (ADI)06:30 pmDestination1890 KmsYes 0 Mins2-

12656 Navjeevan Express Route Map

Date1st AC2nd AC3rd ACSleeperUpdatedRefresh
25 Aug, 2019 (Sun) Available 0073 33 Days agoRefresh
26 Aug, 2019 (Mon) Available 0057 33 Days agoRefresh
27 Aug, 2019 (Tue) Available 0112 33 Days agoRefresh
28 Aug, 2019 (Wed) Available 0050 33 Days agoRefresh
29 Aug, 2019 (Thu) Available 0083 33 Days agoRefresh
30 Aug, 2019 (Fri) NeverCheck
31 Aug, 2019 (Sat) NeverCheck
1 Sep, 2019 (Sun) NeverCheck
2 Sep, 2019 (Mon) NeverCheck
3 Sep, 2019 (Tue) NeverCheck
4 Sep, 2019 (Wed) NeverCheck
Class1st AC2nd AC3rd ACSleeper
Base Fare442225521724670
Reservation Charges60504020
Superfast charges75454530
Fuel Charges0000
Other Charges0000
Catering Charges0000
Dynamic Fare0000
Total Fare478527801900720

12656 Navjeevan Express News

Navjeevan Express To run via diverted route
Engineering work is being taken up by southern railway in Jalgaon railway station. Due to this train number 12656 Chennai Central - Ahmedabad Navjeevan Express will run on diverted route as detailed below -

 Train number 12656 Chennai Cen...
17 Nov,2017