12479 - Suryanagari Express

Jodhpur Jn (JU) Bandra Terminus (BDTS)

12479 - Surya Nagri Express Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Jodhpur (JU)Source07:00 pm0 KmsYes 0 Mins14 Mins
2Luni (LUNI)07:32 pm07:35 pm32 KmsYes 3 Mins18 Mins
3Pali Marwar (PMY)08:05 pm08:10 pm73 KmsYes 5 Mins111 Mins
4Marwar (MJ)08:53 pm08:58 pm104 KmsYes 5 Mins16 Mins
5Rani (RANI)09:30 pm09:32 pm156 KmsYes 2 Mins113 Mins
6Falna (FA)09:48 pm09:50 pm170 KmsYes 2 Mins113 Mins
7Jawai Bandh (JWB)10:03 pm10:05 pm186 KmsYes 2 Mins115 Mins
8Abu Road (ABR)11:30 pm11:40 pm269 KmsYes 10 Mins115 Mins
9Palanpur (PNU)12:55 am12:57 am322 KmsYes 2 Mins214 Mins
10Mahesana (MSH)01:47 am01:49 am387 KmsYes 2 Mins220 Mins
11Ahmedabad (ADI)03:30 am03:55 am455 KmsYes 25 Mins211 Mins
12Anand (ANND)04:57 am04:59 am519 KmsYes 2 Mins29 Mins
13Vadodara (BRC)05:40 am05:45 am554 KmsYes 5 Mins216 Mins
14Ankleshwar (AKV)06:40 am06:41 am634 KmsYes 1 Mins223 Mins
15Surat (ST)07:38 am07:43 am683 KmsYes 5 Mins220 Mins
16Borivali (BVI)10:45 am10:49 am916 KmsYes 4 Mins221 Mins
17Bandra Terminus (BDTS)11:35 am12:00 am935 KmsYes 0 Mins210 Mins

12479 Suryanagari Express Route Map

Date1st AC2nd AC3rd ACSleeperUpdatedRefresh
25 Aug, 2019 (Sun) Waitinglist 99 1 Days agoRefresh
26 Aug, 2019 (Mon) Waitinglist 29 1 Days agoRefresh
27 Aug, 2019 (Tue) RAC 144 1 Days agoRefresh
28 Aug, 2019 (Wed) RAC 110 1 Days agoRefresh
29 Aug, 2019 (Thu) RAC 93 1 Days agoRefresh
30 Aug, 2019 (Fri) RAC 144 1 Days agoRefresh
31 Aug, 2019 (Sat) Available 0028 4 Days agoRefresh
1 Sep, 2019 (Sun) Waitinglist 25 4 Days agoRefresh
2 Sep, 2019 (Mon) RAC 111 4 Days agoRefresh
3 Sep, 2019 (Tue) NeverCheck
4 Sep, 2019 (Wed) NeverCheck
Class1st AC2nd AC3rd ACSleeper
Base Fare277416141110425
Reservation Charges60504020
Superfast charges75454530
Fuel Charges0000
Other Charges0000
Catering Charges0000
Dynamic Fare0000
Total Fare305517951255475

12479 Suryanagari Express News

Various trains from Mumbai and Ahmedabad cancelled
For commissioning of patch doubling work o­n Maribera-Rani Section o­n Marwar-Abu Road section of Ajmer Division, Railway is doing non-interlocking work which will affect following trains as per details -

Cancelled trains -
22 Mar,2018