09415 - Madgaon - Ahmedabad Special

Madgaon (MAO) Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)

09415 - Adi Dli Sf Special Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Ahmedabad (ADI)Source04:50 pm0 KmsYes Mins-
2Surathkal (SL)04:22 pm04:24 pm22 KmsYes Mins-
3Mulki (MULK)04:34 pm04:36 pm35 KmsYes Mins-
4Pernem (PERN)09:14 pm09:16 pm39 KmsYes Mins-
5Nadiad (ND)05:35 pm05:37 pm45 KmsYes Mins-
6Madure (MADR)09:40 pm09:42 pm59 KmsYes Mins-
7Anand (ANND)05:52 pm05:54 pm63 KmsYes Mins-
8Zarap (ZARP)10:02 pm10:04 pm84 KmsYes Mins-
9Vadodara (BRC)06:36 pm06:41 pm99 KmsYes Mins-
10Sindhudurg (SNDD)10:28 pm10:30 pm113 KmsYes Mins-
11Kundapura (KUDA)05:40 pm05:42 pm125 KmsYes Mins-
12Bharuch (BH)07:28 pm07:30 pm169 KmsYes Mins-
13Vaibhavwadi Rd (VBW)11:18 pm11:20 pm181 KmsYes Mins-
14Rajapur Road (RAJP)11:34 pm11:36 pm205 KmsYes Mins-
15Surat (ST)08:30 pm08:40 pm228 KmsYes Mins-
16Adavali (ADVI)11:46 pm11:48 pm249 KmsYes Mins-
17Vapi (VAPI)10:02 pm10:04 pm321 KmsYes Mins-
18Aravali Road (AVRD)02:06 am02:08 am360 KmsYes Mins-
19Dahanu Road (DRD)10:43 pm10:45 pm371 KmsYes Mins-
20Savarda (SVX)02:28 am02:30 am374 KmsYes Mins-
21Boisar (BOR)11:05 pm11:07 pm392 KmsYes Mins-
22Vasai Road (BSR)12:40 am01:10 am443 KmsYes Mins-
23Bhiwandi Road (BIRD)06:03 am06:05 am470 KmsYes Mins-
24Kalyan (KYN)06:40 am06:42 am485 KmsYes Mins-
25Veer (VEER)05:09 am05:09 am502 KmsYes Mins-
26Panvel (PNVL)02:30 am02:35 am507 KmsYes Mins-
27Karjat (KJT)07:25 am07:27 am532 KmsYes Mins-
28Mangaon (MNI)05:38 am05:40 am536 KmsYes Mins-
29Lonavala (LNL)08:15 am08:17 am560 KmsYes Mins-
30Roha (ROHA)04:55 am05:00 am584 KmsYes Mins-
31Pune (PUNE)09:25 am09:45 am624 KmsYes Mins-
32Daund (DD)11:05 am11:10 am699 KmsYes Mins-
33Khed (KHED)06:16 am06:18 am722 KmsYes Mins-
34Chiplun (CHI)06:36 am06:38 am763 KmsYes Mins-
35Sangmeshwar (SGR)07:20 am07:22 am823 KmsYes Mins-
36Ratnagiri (RN)08:05 am08:10 am869 KmsYes Mins-
37Solapur (SUR)02:05 pm02:15 pm886 KmsYes Mins-
38Gulbarga (GR)04:05 pm04:07 pm999 KmsYes Mins-
39Kankavali (KKW)09:26 am09:28 am1025 KmsYes Mins-
40Wadi (WADI)05:05 pm05:10 pm1036 KmsYes Mins-
41Kudal (KUDL)09:50 am09:52 am1065 KmsYes Mins-
42Seram (SEM)05:40 pm05:42 pm1073 KmsYes Mins-
43Sawantwadi Road (SWV)10:12 am10:14 am1094 KmsYes Mins-
44Tandur (TDU)06:10 pm06:12 pm1106 KmsYes Mins-
45Thivim (THVM)11:00 am11:02 am1139 KmsYes Mins-
46Vikarabad (VKB)06:48 pm06:50 pm1148 KmsYes Mins-
47Karmali (KRMI)11:22 am11:24 am1164 KmsYes Mins-
48Lingampalli (LPI)07:48 pm07:50 pm1197 KmsYes Mins-
49Madgaon (MAO)12:32 pm12:42 pm1204 KmsYes Mins-
50Begampet (BMT)08:38 pm08:40 pm1215 KmsYes Mins-
51Secunderabad (SC)09:20 pm12:00 am1221 KmsYes Mins-
52Karwar (KAWR)01:40 pm01:42 pm1286 KmsYes Mins-
53Kumta (KT)02:30 pm02:32 pm1363 KmsYes Mins-
54Bhatkal (BTJL)03:16 pm03:18 pm1439 KmsYes Mins-
55Mookambika Road (BYNR)03:30 pm03:32 pm1461 KmsYes Mins-
56Udupi (UD)04:18 pm04:20 pm1553 KmsYes Mins-
57Mangaluru (MAJN)06:15 pmDestination1634 KmsYes Mins-

09415 Madgaon - Ahmedabad Special Route Map

Date3rd ACSleeperUpdatedRefresh
26 Oct, 2020 (Mon) NeverCheck
29 Oct, 2020 (Thu) NeverCheck
2 Nov, 2020 (Mon) NeverCheck
5 Nov, 2020 (Thu) NeverCheck

09415 Madgaon - Ahmedabad Special News

Special fare train from Mangalore Junction to Ahmedabad
Train number 09415 Mangalore Junction - Ahmedabad special fare train will run on December 23 and 30. This train will depart from Mangalore at 09:35PM on Saturday evening and will arrive Ahmedabad at 12:30AM on Mondays.

Train composition of ...
20 Dec,2017
Humsafar Special Trains Between Secunderabad and Ahmedabad for 8 trips

To clear extra rush of passengers during Diwali / Puja season, railway will run Eight Humsafar Holiday Special Trains between Secunderabad and Ahmedabad as per details - 

Ahmedabad - Sec...

13 Oct,2017
Weekly Superfast Special Train on special fare between Ahmedabad and Secunderabad for 8 services

Ahmedabad – Secunderabad Weekly Superfast special train

  • Train number – 09415
  • Train type – Weekly Superfast special on special fare
  • Date – From October 13 to November 3
  • Day – Friday
  • Ah...
09 Oct,2017
Ahmedabad – Mangalore special train on December 28

To ease extra passenger traffic southern railway will run a special train from Mangalore to Ahmedabad. The fare of this train will be charged on special basis.

Train Number 09415 Mangalore Junction – Ahmedabad will run December 28 f...

21 Dec,2016
Ahmedabad – Mangalore Jn. Weekly Special train announced this December and January

Western railway has announced a special weekly superfast train between Ahmedabad and Mangalore Junction. This train will run via Vasai road to clear the extra rush of passengers in winters.

A total of four trips will be done by 09416 /...

19 Dec,2016
Mangalore Jn. to Ahmedabad Special train this November

Railway has announced a special train between Mangalore Junction and Ahmedabad that will run three times this November.

Train No.09415 from Mangalore Jn. To Ahmedabad will run on November 2, 9 and 16. This special train will carry spec...

19 Oct,2016