01666 - Agartala - Habibganj Summer Special
Agartala (AGTL) Habibganj (HBJ)

01666 - Agtl-hbj Express Route and Train Status History

#StationArrivalDepartureDistanceStopHaltDayAvg Delay
1Agartala (AGTL)12:00 am02:00 pm0 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
2Teliamura (TLMR)02:31 pm02:33 pm38 KmsYes Mins5 Mins
3Ambasa (ABSA)03:06 pm03:08 pm67 KmsYes Mins9 Mins
4Kumarghat (KUGT)03:55 pm03:57 pm108 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
5Dharmanagar (DMR)04:45 pm04:50 pm140 KmsYes Mins32 Mins
6Badarpur (BPB)07:40 pm07:55 pm221 KmsYes Mins-
7New Haflong (NHLG)10:00 pm10:10 pm292 KmsYes Mins31 Mins
8Chaparmukh (CPK)03:25 am03:27 am470 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
9Guwahati (GHY)05:23 am05:38 am561 KmsYes Mins4 Mins
10Rangiya (RNY)06:32 am06:34 am608 KmsYes Mins3 Mins
11New Bongaigaon (NBQ)08:09 am08:11 am718 KmsYes Mins5 Mins
12New Cooch Behar (NCB)10:05 am10:10 am843 KmsYes Mins1 Mins
13New Jalpaiguri (NJP)12:05 pm12:15 pm969 KmsYes Mins38 Mins
14Kishanganj (KNE)01:20 pm01:22 pm1057 KmsYes Mins-
15Katihar (KIR)03:50 pm04:10 pm1153 KmsYes Mins-
16Naugachia (NNA)05:10 pm05:12 pm1209 KmsYes Mins-
17Khagaria (KGG)06:05 pm06:07 pm1276 KmsYes Mins-
18Begu Sarai (BGS)07:08 pm07:10 pm1317 KmsYes Mins-
19Barauni (BJU)07:40 pm07:50 pm1332 KmsYes Mins-
20Hajipur (HJP)09:20 pm09:25 pm1420 KmsYes Mins-
21Patliputra (PPTA)10:15 pm10:20 pm1441 KmsYes Mins-
22Danapur (DNR)10:38 pm10:40 pm1447 KmsYes Mins-
23Ara (ARA)11:10 pm11:12 pm1486 KmsYes Mins-
24Buxar (BXR)12:05 am12:07 am1555 KmsYes Mins-
25Mirzapur (MZP)02:56 am02:58 am1711 KmsYes Mins-
26Alahabad Cheoki (ACOI)03:50 am03:55 am1792 KmsYes Mins-
27Manikpur (MKP)06:23 am06:25 am1884 KmsYes Mins-
28Satna (STA)07:20 am07:30 am1962 KmsYes Mins-
29Maihar (MYR)07:53 am07:55 am1997 KmsYes Mins-
30Katni (KTE)08:40 am08:45 am2060 KmsYes Mins-
31Jabalpur (JBP)10:30 am10:40 am2151 KmsYes Mins-
32Narsinghpur (NU)11:48 am11:50 am2235 KmsYes Mins-
33Gadarwara (GAR)12:26 pm12:28 pm2279 KmsYes Mins-
34Pipariya (PPI)01:04 pm01:06 pm2328 KmsYes Mins-
35Itarsi (ET)03:05 pm03:25 pm2396 KmsYes Mins-
36Hoshangabad (HBD)03:43 pm03:45 pm2414 KmsYes Mins-
37Habibganj (HBJ)05:10 pm12:00 am2488 KmsYes Mins-

01666 Agartala - Habibganj Summer Special Route Map

24 Oct, 2020 (Sat)NeverCheck
31 Oct, 2020 (Sat)NeverCheck
Base Fare1000
Reservation Charges20
Superfast charges0
Fuel Charges0
Other Charges15
Catering Charges0
Dynamic Fare0
Total Fare1035

01666 Agartala - Habibganj Summer Special News

अगरतला और हबीबगंज के बीच साप्ताहिक विशेष ट्रेन

अगरतला - हबीबगंज साप्तहिक स्पेशल ट्रेन 

  • ट्रेन संख्या - 01666 
  • संचालन ...
09 Apr,2018
Special Express train between Agartala and Habibganj (Bhopal)
Agartala - Habibganj Weekly Special train
  • Train number - 01666
  • Date of service - From April 7 to June 30
  • Day of service - Saturday every Week
  • Agartala departure time - 02:00 PM in the afternoon
  • Habibg...
09 Apr,2018
हबीबगंज और अगरतला के बीच वाया जबलपुर विशेष ट्रेन

हबीबगंज - अगरतला विशेष ट्रेन 

  • ट्रेन संख्या - 01665 
  • संचालन की तिथि - ह...
22 Mar,2018