Rtm - Ftd Demu (79307) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Dr Ambedkar Nagar
79307 - Rtm - Ftd DemuDr Ambedkar Nagar (DADN)Indore Jn. (INDB)
1Dr Ambedkar Nagar (DADN)Source04:50 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Rau (RAU)05:05 PM05:07 PM0 Mins10 KMs1
3Rajendra Nagar (indore) (RJQ)05:15 PM05:17 PM0 Mins14 KMs1
4Lokmanya Nagar (LKMN)05:26 PM05:27 PM0 Mins17 KMs1
5Saifee Nagar (halt) (SFNR)05:31 PM05:32 PM0 Mins20 KMs1
6Indore Jn. (INDB)05:50 PMDestination0 Mins24 KMs1
7Lakshmibai Nagar (LMNR)11:22 AM11:23 AM0 Mins26 KMs1
8Palia (PLA)11:45 AM11:46 AM0 Mins37 KMs1
9Ajnod (AJN)11:54 AM11:55 AM0 Mins51 KMs1
10Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Jn. (FTD)12:09 PM12:10 PM0 Mins62 KMs1
11Osra (OSRA)12:19 PM12:20 PM0 Mins70 KMs1
12Gautampura Road (GPX)12:28 PM12:29 PM0 Mins78 KMs1
13Pir Jhalar (PJH)12:37 PM12:38 PM0 Mins84 KMs1
14Barnagar (BNG)12:47 PM12:48 PM0 Mins94 KMs1
15Sunderabad (SNBD)12:58 PM12:59 PM0 Mins105 KMs1
16Runija (RNJ)01:07 PM01:08 PM0 Mins110 KMs1
17Pritam Nagar (PRNG)01:17 PM01:18 PM0 Mins119 KMs1
18Nauganwan (NGW)01:26 PM01:27 PM0 Mins125 KMs1
19Ratlam Jn. (RTM)02:05 PMDestination0 Mins142 KMs1

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