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TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
77253 - Passengers () ()
1Mahbubabad (MABD)Source12:10 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Garla (GLA)12:49 PM12:50 PM0 Mins19 KMs1
3Dornakal Jn. (DKJ)01:10 PM01:20 PM0 Mins24 KMs1
4Papatapalli (PPY)01:34 PM01:35 PM0 Mins32 KMs1
5Khammam (KMT)01:48 PM01:50 PM0 Mins47 KMs1
6Chintakani (CKN)02:04 PM02:05 PM0 Mins62 KMs1
7Bonakalu (BKL)02:14 PM02:15 PM0 Mins74 KMs1
8Madhira (MDR)02:39 PM02:40 PM0 Mins90 KMs1
9Errupalem (YP)03:09 PM03:10 PM0 Mins104 KMs1
10Gangineni (GNN)03:59 PM04:00 PM0 Mins114 KMs1
11Kondapalli (KI)04:14 PM04:15 PM0 Mins128 KMs1
12Rayanapadu (RYP)04:27 PM04:28 PM0 Mins134 KMs1
13Vijayawada Jn. (BZA)04:45 PMDestination0 Mins146 KMs1

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