Rph Passenger (63584) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Rampur Hat
63584 - Rph PassengerRampur Hat (RPH)Barddhaman (BWN)
1Rampur Hat (RPH)12:00 AM01:15 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Tarapith Road (TPF)01:21 PM01:22 PM0 Mins6 KMs1
3Mallarpur (MLV)01:28 PM01:29 PM0 Mins12 KMs1
4Gadadharpur (GHLE)01:36 PM01:37 PM0 Mins20 KMs1
5Sainthia Jn (SNT)01:45 PM01:46 PM0 Mins27 KMs1
6Bataspur (BSLE)01:52 PM01:53 PM0 Mins35 KMs1
7Ahmadpur Jn. (AMP)01:58 PM01:59 PM0 Mins41 KMs1
8Kopai (KPLE)02:07 PM02:08 PM0 Mins49 KMs1
9Prantik (PNE)02:15 PM02:16 PM0 Mins56 KMs1
10Bolpur (shantiniketan) (BHP)02:22 PM02:24 PM0 Mins60 KMs1
11Bhedia (BDH)02:30 PM02:31 PM0 Mins68 KMs1
12Pichkurir Dhal (PCQ)02:36 PM02:37 PM0 Mins73 KMs1
13Guskara (GKH)02:43 PM02:44 PM0 Mins79 KMs1
14Noadar Dhal (NRX)02:50 PM02:51 PM0 Mins84 KMs1
15Banpas (BPS)02:55 PM02:56 PM0 Mins89 KMs1
16Jhapater Dhal (JTL)03:01 PM03:02 PM0 Mins94 KMs1
17Khana Jn. (KAN)03:29 PM03:30 PM0 Mins98 KMs1
18Talit (TIT)03:35 PM03:36 PM0 Mins104 KMs1
19Barddhaman (BWN)03:45 PMDestination0 Mins111 KMs1

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