Smnh Passenger (59298) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Somnath
59298 - Smnh PassengerSomnath (SMNH)Porbandar (PBR)
1Somnath (SMNH)Source02:10 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Veraval (VRL)02:20 PM02:25 PM0 Mins5 KMs1
3Chorwad Road. (CVR)02:44 PM02:45 PM0 Mins23 KMs1
4Maliya Hatina (MLHA)03:07 PM03:08 PM0 Mins35 KMs1
5Keshod (KSD)03:25 PM03:26 PM0 Mins51 KMs1
6Badodar (BDDR)03:41 PM03:42 PM0 Mins58 KMs1
7Lushala (LAL)03:48 PM03:50 PM0 Mins64 KMs1
8Shapur (SHH)04:09 PM04:10 PM0 Mins75 KMs1
9Junagadh Jn. (JND)04:24 PM04:29 PM0 Mins87 KMs1
10Vadal (VAL)04:39 PM04:40 PM0 Mins97 KMs1
11Jetalsar Jn. (JLR)04:57 PM05:25 PM0 Mins113 KMs1
12Dhoraji (DJI)05:41 PM05:42 PM0 Mins126 KMs1
13Supedi (SPD)05:51 PM05:52 PM0 Mins135 KMs1
14Upleta (UA)06:02 PM06:03 PM0 Mins145 KMs1
15Bhayavadar (BHY)06:13 PM06:15 PM0 Mins157 KMs1
16Paneli Moti (PLM)06:57 PM06:58 PM0 Mins166 KMs1
17Jam Jodhpur (JDH)07:10 PM07:11 PM0 Mins180 KMs1
18Balwa (WAB)07:18 PM07:19 PM0 Mins188 KMs1
19Kathkola (KTLA)07:28 PM07:29 PM0 Mins197 KMs1
20Wansjaliya Jn. (WSJ)07:44 PM07:46 PM0 Mins203 KMs1
21Tarsai (TRSR)07:50 PM07:51 PM0 Mins208 KMs1
22Ranavav (RWO)08:04 PM08:05 PM0 Mins223 KMs1
23Porbandar (PBR)08:55 PMDestination0 Mins237 KMs1
24Dhoraji (DJI)05:46 PM05:47 PM0 Mins126 KMs1
25Supedi (SPD)05:56 PM05:57 PM0 Mins134 KMs1
26Supedi (SPD)05:56 PM05:57 PM0 Mins134 KMs1
27Upleta (UA)06:09 PM06:10 PM0 Mins144 KMs1
28Upleta (UA)06:09 PM06:10 PM0 Mins144 KMs1
29Bhayavadar (BHY)06:44 PM06:45 PM0 Mins157 KMs1
30Bhayavadar (BHY)06:44 PM06:45 PM0 Mins157 KMs1
31Paneli Moti (PLM)06:55 PM06:56 PM0 Mins165 KMs1
32Paneli Moti (PLM)06:55 PM06:56 PM0 Mins165 KMs1
33Jam Jodhpur (JDH)07:08 PM07:09 PM0 Mins180 KMs1
34Jam Jodhpur (JDH)07:08 PM07:09 PM0 Mins180 KMs1
35Balwa (WAB)07:16 PM07:17 PM0 Mins188 KMs1
36Balwa (WAB)07:16 PM07:17 PM0 Mins188 KMs1
37Kathkola (KTLA)07:26 PM07:27 PM0 Mins196 KMs1
38Kathkola (KTLA)07:26 PM07:27 PM0 Mins196 KMs1
39Wansjaliya Jn. (WSJ)07:44 PM07:54 PM0 Mins203 KMs1
40Wansjaliya Jn. (WSJ)07:44 PM07:54 PM0 Mins203 KMs1
41Tarsai (TRSR)07:59 PM08:00 PM0 Mins207 KMs1
42Tarsai (TRSR)07:59 PM08:00 PM0 Mins207 KMs1
43Ranavav (RWO)08:14 PM08:15 PM0 Mins223 KMs1
44Ranavav (RWO)08:14 PM08:15 PM0 Mins223 KMs1
45Porbandar (PBR)08:55 PM12:00 AM0 Mins236 KMs1
46Porbandar (PBR)08:55 PMDestination0 Mins236 KMs1

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