Be Passenger (54356) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
54356 - Be Passenger () ()
1Bareilly Jn. (BE)Source06:50 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Bareilly Cantt (BRYC)06:57 PM06:58 PM0 Mins3 KMs1
3Rasuiya (RYS)07:07 PM07:08 PM0 Mins10 KMs1
4Pitambarpur (PMR)07:18 PM07:20 PM0 Mins20 KMs1
5Tisua (TSA)07:31 PM07:32 PM0 Mins28 KMs1
6Bilpur (BLPU)07:40 PM07:42 PM0 Mins36 KMs1
7Miranpur Katra (MK)07:51 PM07:53 PM0 Mins42 KMs1
8Tilhar (TLH)08:03 PM08:05 PM0 Mins52 KMs1
9Bahadurpur(u P) (BHDH)08:13 PM08:14 PM0 Mins59 KMs1
10Banthra (BTRA)08:21 PM08:23 PM0 Mins62 KMs1
11Shahjahanpur Jn. (SPN)08:38 PM08:40 PM0 Mins71 KMs1
12Shahjahanpur Kutchery Halt (SXK)08:45 PM08:46 PM0 Mins72 KMs1
13Roza Jn. (ROZA)10:05 PMDestination0 Mins78 KMs1

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