Chrm Durg Pas E (28242) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Chirmiri
28242 - Chrm Durg Pas EChirmiri (CHRM)Durg (DURG)Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat Sun
1Chirmiri (CHRM)Source08:20 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Paradol (PRDL)08:43 PM08:44 PM1 Mins12 KMs1
3Manendragarh (MDGR)09:10 PM09:35 PM25 Mins23 KMs1
4Boridand (BRND)09:49 PM09:50 PM1 Mins30 KMs1
5Bijuri (BJRI)10:10 PM01:00 AM170 Mins40 KMs2
6Baihatola (BATL)01:07 AM01:08 AM1 Mins46 KMs2
7Kotma (KTMA)01:13 AM01:18 AM5 Mins56 KMs2
8Harrad (HRV)01:30 AM01:32 AM2 Mins64 KMs2
9Dhurwasin (DRSN)01:40 AM01:41 AM1 Mins71 KMs2
10Mauhari (MZH)01:48 AM01:50 AM2 Mins79 KMs2
11Anuppur Jn (APR)02:20 AM02:50 AM30 Mins87 KMs2
12Jaithari (JTI)03:00 AM03:02 AM2 Mins100 KMs2
13Pendra Road (PND)03:37 AM03:42 AM5 Mins137 KMs2
14Kargi Road (KGB)05:04 AM05:06 AM2 Mins206 KMs2
15Usalapur (USL)05:50 AM06:00 AM10 Mins229 KMs2
16Belha (BYL)06:26 AM06:28 AM2 Mins250 KMs2
17Bhatapara (BYT)06:50 AM06:52 AM2 Mins281 KMs2
18Tilda (TLD)07:15 AM07:17 AM2 Mins307 KMs2
19Raipur Jn (R)08:05 AM08:15 AM10 Mins345 KMs2
20Durg (DURG)09:10 AMDestination0 Mins381 KMs2

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