Bsp Bkn Express (18245) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Bilaspur Jn
18245 - Bsp Bkn ExpressBilaspur Jn (BSP)Bikaner Jn (BKN)Fri Sun
1Bilaspur Jn (BSP)Source06:20 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Bhatapara (BYT)06:57 PM06:58 PM1 Mins47 KMs1
3Raipur Jn (R)08:00 PM08:10 PM10 Mins111 KMs1
4Bhilai Pwr Hs (BPHB)08:35 PM08:36 PM1 Mins138 KMs1
5Durg (DURG)09:05 PM09:10 PM5 Mins147 KMs1
6Raj Nandgaon (RJN)09:31 PM09:36 PM5 Mins178 KMs1
7Gondia Jn (G)11:02 PM11:04 PM2 Mins283 KMs1
8Nagpur (NGP)01:10 AM01:40 AM30 Mins413 KMs2
9Pandhurna (PAR)02:53 AM02:55 AM2 Mins516 KMs2
10Itarsi Jn (ET)06:40 AM06:45 AM5 Mins710 KMs2
11Habibganj (HBJ)08:36 AM08:38 AM2 Mins802 KMs2
12Bhopal Jn (BPL)09:00 AM09:10 AM10 Mins808 KMs2
13Sehore (SEH)10:01 AM10:03 AM2 Mins847 KMs2
14Shujalpur (SJP)10:46 AM10:48 AM2 Mins888 KMs2
15Berchha (BCH)11:24 AM11:26 AM2 Mins931 KMs2
16Ujjain Jn (UJN)12:15 PM12:20 PM5 Mins991 KMs2
17Nagda Jn (NAD)01:25 PM01:50 PM25 Mins1046 KMs2
18Vikramgarh Alot (VMA)02:19 PM02:20 PM1 Mins1086 KMs2
19Shamgarh (SGZ)02:58 PM03:00 PM2 Mins1138 KMs2
20Bhawani Mandi (BWM)03:23 PM03:25 PM2 Mins1171 KMs2
21Kota Jn (KOTA)05:20 PM05:30 PM10 Mins1271 KMs2
22Indargarh (IDG)06:33 PM06:35 PM2 Mins1343 KMs2
23Sawai Madhopur (SWM)07:40 PM08:00 PM20 Mins1379 KMs2
24Bansthali Niwai (BNLW)09:05 PM09:07 PM2 Mins1445 KMs2
25Durgapura (DPA)10:06 PM10:08 PM2 Mins1503 KMs2
26Jaipur (JP)10:30 PM10:40 PM10 Mins1510 KMs2
27Phulera Jn (FL)12:08 AM12:10 AM2 Mins1565 KMs3
28Kuchaman City (KMNC)12:46 AM12:48 AM2 Mins1616 KMs3
29Makrana Jn (MKN)01:00 AM01:03 AM3 Mins1630 KMs3
30Degana Jn (DNA)01:38 AM01:41 AM3 Mins1674 KMs3
31Nagaur (NGO)03:25 AM03:30 AM5 Mins1776 KMs3
32Nokha (NOK)04:07 AM04:09 AM2 Mins1827 KMs3
33Deshnok (DSO)04:34 AM04:36 AM2 Mins1859 KMs3
34Bikaner Jn (BKN)05:50 AMDestination0 Mins1892 KMs3

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