Ahmadabad Express (16502) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Yesvantpur Jn
16502 - Ahmadabad ExpressYesvantpur Jn (YPR)Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)
1Yesvantpur Jn (YPR)01:30 PM01:30 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Hindupur (HUP)03:03 PM03:05 PM2 Mins96 KMs1
3Dharmavaram Jn (DMM)05:00 PM05:05 PM5 Mins187 KMs1
4Anantapur (ATP)05:39 PM05:40 PM1 Mins220 KMs1
5Gooty (GY)06:38 PM06:40 PM2 Mins277 KMs1
6Guntakal Jn (GTL)07:15 PM07:30 PM15 Mins306 KMs1
7Adoni (AD)08:13 PM08:15 PM2 Mins357 KMs1
8Raichur (RC)09:23 PM09:25 PM2 Mins427 KMs1
9Wadi (WADI)01:00 AM01:05 AM5 Mins534 KMs2
10Gulbarga (GR)01:42 AM01:45 AM3 Mins571 KMs2
11Solapur Jn (SUR)03:50 AM04:00 AM10 Mins684 KMs2
12Daund Jn (DD)06:45 AM06:55 AM10 Mins872 KMs2
13Ahmadnagar (ANG)08:47 AM08:50 AM3 Mins955 KMs2
14Belapur (BAP)10:04 AM10:05 AM1 Mins1022 KMs2
15Kopargaon (KPG)10:59 AM11:00 AM1 Mins1066 KMs2
16Manmad Jn (MMR)12:30 PM12:35 PM5 Mins1108 KMs2
17Jalgaon Jn (JL)03:48 PM03:50 PM2 Mins1268 KMs2
18Amalner (AN)05:08 PM05:15 PM7 Mins1323 KMs2
19Nandurbar (NDB)06:43 PM06:48 PM5 Mins1419 KMs2
20Surat (ST)10:10 PM10:20 PM10 Mins1579 KMs2
21Ankleshwar Jn (AKV)11:04 PM11:05 PM1 Mins1628 KMs2
22Vadodara Jn (BRC)12:23 AM12:28 AM5 Mins1708 KMs3
23Anand Jn (ANND)12:56 AM12:58 AM2 Mins1744 KMs3
24Maninagar (MAN)01:58 AM01:59 AM1 Mins1804 KMs3
25Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)02:20 AM02:20 AM0 Mins1808 KMs3

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