Sujh Hsr Mela Special (04782) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from Sirsa
04782 - Sujh Hsr Mela SpecialSirsa (SSA)Nokha (NOK)Mon
1Sirsa (SSA)Source06:00 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2Ding (DING)06:40 PM06:42 PM2 Mins25 KMs1
3Bhattu (BHT)06:53 PM06:55 PM2 Mins36 KMs1
4Mandi Adampur (ADR)07:15 PM07:30 PM15 Mins53 KMs1
5Jakhodlkhera (JKHI)07:42 PM07:44 PM2 Mins66 KMs1
6Hisar (HSR)08:05 PM08:15 PM10 Mins82 KMs1
7Charaud (CRW)08:32 PM08:34 PM2 Mins101 KMs1
8Siwani (SWNI)08:45 PM08:47 PM2 Mins113 KMs1
9Jhunpa (JUP)09:03 PM09:05 PM2 Mins132 KMs1
10Sadulpur Jn (SDLP)09:40 PM09:45 PM5 Mins153 KMs1
11Churu (CUR)10:40 PM10:50 PM10 Mins211 KMs1
12Ratangarh Jn (RTGH)11:25 PM11:30 PM5 Mins254 KMs1
13Bikaner Jn (BKN)01:45 AM02:15 AM30 Mins391 KMs2
14Nokha (NOK)04:00 AMDestination0 Mins455 KMs2

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