Muv Ltt Special (01028) Schedule / Route

TrainSourceDestinationDays Run from
01028 - Muv Ltt Special () ()Sun
1Varanasi Jn. (BSB)Source01:55 PM0 Mins0 KMs1
2 (ACOI)05:30 PM05:32 PM0 Mins155 KMs1
3Manikpur Jn. (MKP)07:00 PM07:03 PM0 Mins253 KMs1
4Satna (STA)08:10 PM08:15 PM0 Mins330 KMs1
5Katni Jn. (KTE)09:30 PM09:35 PM0 Mins428 KMs1
6Jabalpur (JBP)10:55 PM11:00 PM0 Mins519 KMs1
7Itarsi Jn. (ET)02:30 AM02:35 AM0 Mins764 KMs1
8Khandwa Jn. (KNW)07:05 AM07:08 AM0 Mins948 KMs1
9Bhusaval Jn. (BSL)08:48 AM08:58 AM0 Mins1071 KMs1
10Nasik Road (NK)11:57 AM12:00 PM0 Mins1328 KMs1
11Igatpuri (IGP)01:28 PM01:33 PM0 Mins1379 KMs1
12Kalyan Jn. (KYN)03:02 PM03:05 PM0 Mins1462 KMs1
13 (CSMT)04:18 PMDestination0 Mins1515 KMs1

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