55104 Bhj Passenger Live Running Status - No Delay
Start Date - 03 Jul 2022 Currently Not Started (At: )

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# Station Day Sch Arr Exp/Act Arr Arr Delay Sch Dep Exp/Act Dep Delay Dep Distance PF
1 Barhaj Bazar (BHJ) 1SourceSourceNo Delay08:00 PM05:30 AM No Delay 0 Kms -
2 Sisai Gulabrai (SSGR) 108:08 PM05:30 AMNo Delay08:09 PM05:30 AM No Delay 4 Kms -
3 Satraon (STZ) 108:17 PM05:30 AMNo Delay08:18 PM05:30 AM No Delay 9 Kms -
4 Deoraha Baba Rd (DRBR) 108:27 PM05:30 AMNo Delay08:28 PM05:30 AM No Delay 14 Kms -
5 Salempur Jn (SRU) 108:43 PM05:30 AMNo Delay08:45 PM05:30 AM No Delay 20 Kms -
6 Peokol (POKL) 108:55 PM05:30 AMNo Delay08:56 PM05:30 AM No Delay 25 Kms -
7 Bhatni Jn (BTT) 109:15 PM05:30 AMNo DelayDestinationDestination No Delay 31 Kms -
Journey Done: Last Updated: 03 Jul, 2022 @ 12:15 AM
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